Volks / Super Dollfie

Super Dollfie is the name given to this specific range of roughly 1/3rd-scale dolls, and differentiates them from the other Dollfies (half that size at 1/6th-scale); they are also known as "SD"s, for short, though the term is often (and incorrectly) used generically to include similarly-sized dolls from other makers.

Having first learned of these beautiful ball-jointed dolls a couple of years ago, and seen the wonderful (and sometimes very expensive) collections that other people had built up from Volks and other manufacturers, I'd always dreamed of having one, so in early December 2006, spurred on by an almost-clear credit-card and a $:£ rate hovering at 2:1, I finally took the plunge and adopted a standard Mimi with a few extra wigs and some basic clothing. I also wanted to get one of the Limited Edition SD13Bs named Tony (the standard SDs are aged about 10, but there are also 13- and 16-year-old boys and girls), but they were out of stock and I assumed I'd missed him forever, as the LEs are only available through a random selection of bidders, which is the fairest way as it doesn't favour those who can keep raising their prices to silly amounts, as happens on some of the auction sites where people sell items they've bought just to make a quick profit.

However, a couple of weeks later at Christmas there was the chance to win a gorgeous russet-haired boy called Williams, so I was glad I missed Tony, and on my first day back at work on 02 January I had an email confirming I had indeed won my bid, though it would take over three months before he arrived as he was being made and then given a custom-finish (smoothed and coated).


These are smaller 1/6th-scale dolls from Korea, but I knew that they shipped world-wide with many satisfied customers, so a few days after ordering Mimi, and knowing that previous LeeKeWorld Full Sets were no longer available, I ordered a Snow Skin Fullset Sweet v5, for though small the detailed clothing looked remarkable. I was also lucky in getting her, for the same week she was sent to me they became out of stock, which meant she's now no longer available. She took 3 days to reach the UK from Korea, and then another 3 days to get to me.

Cerberus Project / Luts / Delf

A large manufacturer in Korea (or "Corea" as it's spelled on the box) who also produce 1/3rd-scale dolls (despite the name not all of them have elfin features), and this time I was lucky in that Redemption The Moon LE was still available even though he'd been issued at the end of April 2006. He was number 89, of 100, but the numbers are assigned randomly so he wasn't necessarily the 89th made.

I found the overall finish to be not quite as good as the Volks for there were a few rough patches on the insides of the joints (though they weren't a problem as they couldn't be seen), but the delicate positioning of the default hands was very nice if tricky to dress through sleeves, and the standard of make-up more than compensated for the mould lines (which could of course be removed), as he came with proper upper eyelashes; the eyes were held in place by soft putty rather than glued, and the lenses were soft, which felt weird and made the pupil set rather far back, which looked a bit odd at first. He was rather thin for his height and has major problems standing up unaided, though so far the standard Volks SD Boys clothing (in contrast to the larger / longer SD13 size) fits him all right. As with my earlier delivery from LeeKeWorld he came in 6 days, and the exquisite detailing of the clothing more than made up for the extra expense compared to the basic unclothed model.

Dream Of Doll

From Korea again, and as expected I was unable to get one of the fully-clothed sets, but as soon as I saw even the basic DOT Camine I knew I wanted to have one, so he was ordered too, to make my fourth larger 'guest'. Unlike the others, he was caught by customs and I had the dubious pleasure of having to pay Parcelforce a fee for paying the charges on my behalf.

The seam lines were very smooth, and though the patina appeared somewhat plasticky under certain lighting conditions, it was easy to rub into a matt finish. He was very well tensioned, being able to stand even at a slight bend, and his arms held a variety of poses without any problems.

Doll Heart

Not a manufacturer of dolls, but lots of wonderful clothes and shoes / boots, based in Hong Kong, with very high quality products and fast international service. New ranges are issued regularly and are all limited runs.


From China this time, ordered through an agent based in Spain. Although there was a long wait, the overall condition and finish was very good, with full sanding and polishing included as standard.