Volks Super DollfieName :Miyu [Japanese "Beauty & Gentle & Superior"]
Gender :
Type :Volks SDG "Mimi"
Skin :Pure Skin Normal
Make-up : Zoukei-mura
Eyes :20mm Acrylic – Green
Hair :Miyu doesn't like the "Mimi Original Style & Colour" hairpiece as it is awkward to maintain and makes her head look too wide, so she usually wears a "One-Curl Super Long Black", which is then "Braid Shaggy Hair Black" when it gets too long, though she has been known to dye her hair auburn, when it is a "Curl One-length Long Wine Brown".
D.O.B. :04 January
Age :17
Address :Flat 5
Background :The eldest (by one year) of two daughters born to a Japanese mother who works in a West-End restaurant, and an English father who sells books in Piccadilly, Miyu attends the last all-girls Grammar school in central London where, much to the annoyance of the teachers who know she could do a lot better if she applied herself more rigorously, she is considered an under-achiever, and only passed the O-levels she was interested in, having already decided which A-levels to study for. She makes good use of her father's staff discount to obtain large books of art and architecture, and has a Saturday job in the same restaurant as her mother, which is where she met Wynn, and though fraternising with customers was obviously frowned upon, they soon began chatting and then became firm friends.
Personality :Quiet & studious, she loves old noir films (watched whilst drinking black coffee laced with Tia Maria and eating Lindt dark chocolate), and antique clocks (though she can't yet afford to own one). She knows she is pretty without being vain about it, and sometimes likes the attention she receives as too many people assume she's either just a bimbo, or too haughty for her own good, when in truth she's just not afraid of being by herself.

LeeKeWorldName :Yukiko [Japanese "Snow-child"]
Gender :
Type :LeeKeWorld "Snow Skin Fullset Sweet v5", 1st Girl Body
Skin :Snow
Make-up :SheNa
Eyes :EG Glass 16mm – Brown
Hair :"L-036_D #1B"
D.O.B. :08 January
Age :7? Though her lack of height indicates someone much younger, her behaviour certainly seems to support this approximate age, and given the proportions of her body it's clear she is just smaller than most people.
Address :Flat 5
Background :Currently unknown. Rather like Edward Gorey's The Doubtful Guest, she appeared late in the evening of Miyu's 16'th birthday party, and the following morning was found sleeping under a rug on the lounge sofa. Frantic calls to all the guests resulted only in no one admitting to knowing her, and it was deemed cruel to throw her out to suffer the vagaries of Social Services, so despite not knowing where she really came from and mindful of not taking advantage of someone so young (she had already started cleaning the home as everyone else moved around her), it only took a few weeks for her to integrate herself into the household in an arrangement that benefited everyone concerned.
Personality :Disliking stairs due to her height and the intricate dress she sometimes wears, she enjoys being the centre of attention, but only for a while as she's easily distracted and is soon wandering off looking for new things or people to play with. Forever almost-but-not-quite getting in everyone's way, she's so happy that their gentle rebukes have little or no effect on her, and her only foible seems to be an aversion to pink.

Cerberus Project DelfName :Amar [Sanskrit "Immortal"]
Gender :
Type :Cerberus Project / Delf / Luts "Redemption The Moon LE" [89/100]
Skin :Normal
Make-up :Valenti
Eyes :Silicone 16mm – Gaslight
Hair :Though he is very pleased with his "Moon LE Original, Style DAW-11, Colour PIB", because of the long braids and the beads he only wears it during special and formal occasions; for daily use, he prefers the Volks "One-Curl Bob / Cream".
D.O.B. :22 January
Age :25
Address :Flat 5
Background :With both parents accomplished martial artists, it was natural for young Amar to follow their disciplines, and by the age of 18 he was proficient in Tae Kwon Do, whilst also enjoying Wing Chun and Tai Chi. He has mastered an esoteric form of meditation which means he needs no sleep, though he does occasionally fall into a waking trance whilst looking at the television.
Personality :Considering himself the father / protector of the group, Amar is far stronger than he appears and sometimes takes himself a bit too seriously, so he can appear initially unsympathetic, but he values the meaning of true friendship. He loves Miyu like a younger sister and tolerates Yukiko's childishness because Miyu thinks she is funny, and would do anything to protect Miyu from people he considers unworthy of her. Wynn's behaviour no longer annoys him because he knows Wynn would never hurt Mihhaelo, and though he can never understand their relationship, he recognises the love the other boys have for one another is sincere, which is all that matters.

Dream Of DollName :Wynn Kayne [Welsh "Blessed" / "White" + Welsh "Beautiful"]
Gender :
Type :Dream Of Doll "Camine"
Skin :Normal
Make-up :Default
Eyes :Acrylic 16mm – Camine Original Pale Grey
Hair :Usually a "DOD 01-1B" or "DOD 21-1B", occasionally his own longer "DOD 35-1B"
D.O.B. :19 February
Age :19
Address :Flat 5
Background :Raised a strict Catholic, early realisation of his sexuality led Wynn to despair, so when he met the first boy with whom he fell truly in love, he spent weeks fearfully questioning the meaning of his own existence and value, and then made the only decision that could save his sanity. Having bypassed the Pope's temporal authority and even rejected some of the official teachings (which he reluctantly admitted to himself were in some cases outright lies), Wynn found solace in Mother Mary and then spent a year touring Europe's capitals and main historical sites as part of his studying, at the end of which time he discovered the apostle Mary Magdalene through Gnostic texts. He encountered Mihhaelo under circumstances which neither of them have fully divulged, and was instantly drawn to the younger boy, appointing himself Michjo's protector and bringing him home, when he was uncharacteristically firm in wanting Mihhaelo looked after.
Personality :Assertive yet playful, and a one-time seductive flirt with both sexes, he's now grown up a bit and is not ashamed of openly showing his affection for Mihhaelo, whilst still ribbing Amar mercilessly on occasions. Wynn is far more intelligent than he usually lets on, and after working most of the week in a local hair salon enjoys curling up on the sofa with his arms around Michjo whilst watching brainless action movies or wild-life documentaries.

Volks Super DollfieName :Mihhaelo (Michjo) Ruan [Esperanto "Michael" (& pet-form) + variant of Celtic 'Rúadhán' "Red-haired"]
Gender :
Type :Volks SD13B + L-02 Long-legs "Williams" LE (Dolpa 16)
Skin :Pure Skin Natural, UV Protection (with Volks' Remove Seam Lines & Whole Body Coating)
Make-up :Zoukei-mura, Coated Head
Eyes :HG Glass 18mm – Deep Aqua With White Line
Hair :"Williams Original, Colour 33T Copper, Size DD"
D.O.B. :05 April
Age :17
Address :Flat 5
Background :Part of an extremely large family with an overbearing father who demanded complete obedience from his numerous offspring, Mihhaelo was at first cowed into submission along with his siblings and always did as he was told (even when he thought he was doing the wrong thing), so when some of his brothers rebelled he remained behind, fearful that any new life would be even worse than the old, which though sometimes painful was at least familiar. However, having watched from a distance for some time the obvious enjoyment experienced by those who had left, he too decided to escape his abusive father and seek happiness in the world.
Personality :Despite his age, Mihhaelo's individual character is still not fully developed, and his occasional flamboyance is used almost like an alter ego to mask the part of himself that is still quite insecure, yet he isn't afraid of going after something he wants. He knows Wynn loves him deeply, but at times wonders why he deserves such attention as he has only ever been used because of what he could do, rather than wanted and loved simply for being who he is.

DollzoneName :Æveáine [Abbreviated contraction of Gaelic 'Maeve' "Intoxicating" & Gaelic' Áine' "Radiance"]
Gender :
Type :Dollzone ¼ "Mo" Fullset
Skin :Pink
Make-up :Fullset Special
Eyes :Dark Violet (G14-705?)
Hair :She wasn't too keen on the short "W45-019" so grew it longer to become the "30178A", though very occasionally she will go yellowy-blonde with a "30178B".
D.O.B. :16 September
Age :13
Address :Flat 4
Background :Left outside an orphanage by unknown parents on a Monday, she was named "Mo", which she later thought was the name of Little Women's feisty heroine; upon realising the truth, and being on the receving end of many jokes based on the name, she invented her own. After steadfastly maintaining her own independent corner in the orphanage and not joining any of the rival cliques, she was eventually adopted by a middle-aged divorcee who wanted a child but was unable to bear one naturally; unfortunately the mother is at work for most of the day and though loving her daughter a great deal is sometimes not able to give her all the attention she needs.
Personality :Often prone to flights of pure fantasy, she's too aware of her own feelings to stay apart from the real world for very long, and though growing up as a tom-boy and still enjoying outdoor activities she's also very much in touch with her feminine side, which she is learning to use to her advantage. Informed her mother almost a year ago that she was gay and was told, "Having a crush on Jodie Foster doesn't mean your're a lesbian, but if after a year or so you still think that you are then at least you'll have had time to think it through, and it won't bother me if that's what you're worried about," so she's waiting for the right moment to announce that nothing has changed.

Name :Catherine [Greek 'Aikaterine', meaning uncertain; possibly from "Hecate" or 'Hekateros' "Each of the two".]
Gender :
Type :Human Long-legs
Skin :Pink
Make-up :None
Eyes :Dark Green With Orange Centres
Hair :Dark Brown
D.O.B. :28 June
Age :5–
Address :Basement
Background :
Personality :