Furniture Projects

The Intro and Extro are really meant to be like a common header and footer for each project, and are recommended for newbies or those who are unsure of what’s involved.

None of these guides are meant to be followed slavishly, of course, but to illustrate what can be done with simple sections of wood and a bit of patience, and provide guidance or inspiration for your own work, even if it’s to show what you do not want to have.

General introduction to the projects.
Bed 1
Two open-frame beds with mouldings for the sides and legs, at different scales.
Table 1
An extremely simple structure from square sections with a glass top, which can be used in three ways.
Footstool / Pouffe
Fabric cut and glued (no sewing!) around a box.
Bed 2 [completed but not published]
A far simpler design with side panels around a central frame.
Mattress [completed but not published]
Covering foam for a mattress or cushion without sewing.
Headroll [coming soon]
Making a headroll for the beds.
Modular Chairs & Sofas [coming later]
Left & right corner chairs with an optional middle chair to make a 2- or 3-seater unit.
Simple hints & tips.