Miyu's New Bed - Part 2
Miyu's Bed Is Finally Ready

Well, the mattress is nice and firm, just how I like them…

…and the covers are just the pattern I wanted. Thank you!

Except… could I have the pillow filled just a bit more?

Oh, that’s neat…

…and here’s the quilt that goes with the spare mattress for Wynn when he stays overnight.

Note from the landlord (Catherine) : I can’t sew anything beyond buttons, so although I chose the fabrics they were all put together by a professional upholder. The bed was going to have a slide-out mattress in the shell, but that would have made the frame too delicate so I opted for a full-width drawer instead, and the bed is actually too long for Miyu as it was originally designed to be for any of the taller boys as well (this is before we knew Wynn would be living with us and then having a boyfriend), but though it looks slim it’s still the correct scale for a standard 90cm single bed. As Miyu is shorter than the boys anyway it doesn’t look too bad, and the set floor is a proper table-top accommodation, with walk-in wardrobes underneath to appear later.