Caption Contest

Miranda Grell
“…was a paedophile and how he slept about with Thai boys under the age of 15.”

Miranda Grell
“Have you heard about him sleeping with Thai boys? His boyfriend is 16, he is dirty.”

Oh! Oh! Oh! those double-zeroes got nothin' on me,
I'm going for the treble.
Yeah, see those grams drop off!


Jesus Switch
I have a 'special friend' in Jesus.

Rahman Protest Rahman Protest Bacon

£4,000? £4,000?! I want £17,000 dammit… wait, better make that £34,000 because my feelings were hurt so badly after I was turned down for 25 jobs. Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo.

Orange or Grapefruit?

Hrun Bus Prayer
'Hrun' easily accepted an invisible god, but had trouble reading his invisible book.

Hotlinking Hotlinking
Q: What if we don't bother hosting the large background image ourselves?
A: The host can tell everyone else what you're doing :)

Burka Berks Burka Berks