The Personal Bit

My name is Catherine Leah Palmer, an 50-ish woman living in London (the big one in England, not some yokel drive-through town in Hicksville, USA) near Olympia exhibition centre, and who works for a large British company which shall remain nameless as their publicity department does more than enough already (in fact their weekly advertising budget would make a nice annual turnover for many small businesses).

I currently live alone, which is generally how I like it as it means I have no responsibilities except to myself and my home. I would love to get a pair of cats (two to keep one another company whilst I'm not at home during the day), but I have too many antiques and general ornaments to risk leaving them alone all that time, and locking them into the spare room would only be cruel.

Unfortunately for me, all of my work is PC-based, which means I'm hardly in the mood for staring at a VDU during the evening, modelling or writing; thus this takes up most of my week-ends.