Amstrad PCW8256

I recently found some very old print-outs from 1986, when I was using this classic dedicated word-processing home computer from Amstrad (details can be found here), although because it ran on what was then the industry-standard of CP/M, it could also run other programs, including what was for home users in those days a very good CAD package. It had all the usual functions such as circles and arcs via 2 or 3 points, rectangles and squares (and the very powerful function to import external files as separate grouped entities in their own right), and the lines had styles as various combinations of dots and dashes; its main limitation was a total of 2000 entities, but a lot could still be done with it and I had fun messing around. Results were then output to the included 9-pin dot matrix printer, whose pinch-roller paper-feed mechanism was temperamental at best, which accounts for some of the staggered portions. So don't expect anything special, it's just a stroll down a very long memory lane.