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Art - in the loosest possible sense

Sun & Sky

All the images were rendered straight in LightWave using variations of scenes in the Nature section. Basically I'm just playing around with texture and light settings.


Some of these are only 'sketches', as being based on things seen in dreams it's often very hard to create a coherent model when dreams usually have skewed perspectives, where it's possible to be looking down on and along or across it at the same time.


Nothing remotely original about these, but they were another exercise in learning textures.

Modified Lamps From Station Terminus Dreamscape


Electric Arcs




These would probably have been easier in the kind of 2D paint program I don't have and would never use because I can't draw, whereas here it's just geometry, a multi-layered version of the electric arcs above.

Then sandwiched between overlapping parts of a scanned image, with the inclusion of a lens that provides reflection of a light-source. This effect should of course be done when someone has just blinked.