Public Life

Pole Star Inn | Coffee House

The Pole Star Inn, a welcoming sight for weary travellers at any time of the day …

Each floor has its own style of patterned brickwork, which breaks up what was otherwise boring expanses of wall, and though it may be difficult to see, the edges of the floors are laid in a diagonal pattern.
For the night scenes, each lantern actually has two lights, one to create the 'pool of light' effect against the walls and ground, and a duller one to cast shadows.

The model needs only the ground floor completing; this will be the most complicated section, though, with dozens of pieces of furniture and other things.

Some close-ups.

… or night

A Room At The Inn

The pattern on the bed-cover is geometry rather than an image-map, as I want to fold it back and make it crumpled. As for the general furnishings, I know the cabinet and wardrobe are somewhat plain, they're meant to be, but I'll be honest and say that by the time it came to creating the chair, I had completely run out of ideas and just threw something together to get the scene finished: it's not at all good and looks very silly. And yes, I know the book and scrolls have no text.

A Small Coffee-House With Living Quarters Above

Another early model, my first at a 'real' building (with all internal walls and doors) after defining the overall style of architecture with the House and the Block of Flats. From here I went straight onto the Pole Star Inn above.