Miscellaneous Structures
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Two deliberately stark variations on the same bleak settings, with lights on and off, loosely based on some ghastly tenements that used to exist near the old Westbourne sidings in central London. The first setting is with standard fluorescent lighting for a sterile appearance; the second with sodium lighting that gives the scene a sickly pallor.


Work In Progress

Part of a large environment I'm creating for Amber's site, consisting of a High Street full of shops and utilities, and two roads of houses and flats. The houses are typical central London 4-storeyed Victorian design, each completed shop has a simple colour-scheme of two similar or contrasting colours, and some of the designs are either fanciful (as in the lamp-posts) or deliberately OTT (such as the cinema). And yes, I know the doors are bereft of knobs, knockers, locks, letterboxes, etc.

'City University'

Shamelessly based on Senate House, UCL. The interior is not finished yet.

Eva's House

Just the main structure (as an empty shell) of this massive house described in one of Amber’s stories. Originally built as a small block of flats but then converted into a single huge room (70m by 30m), steps lead to the bedroom & bathroom and an interior first-floor balcony with doors to the outside balconies; the kitchen, gymnasium, waste & recycling, generator, and other facilities are in the basement, and solar panels and wind-turbines were added to the roof.


Another early model, where the lack of polygons is obvious on the walkway arches, though it was more inspired by the skeleton of an airship than a building such as Crystal Palace. I'll never get around to putting on all the railings, but the entire model really needs redoing from scratch.


Two views of two variations on the same theme, just modelling rough ideas.


Haven't really a clue what this is meant to be, some kind of open temple made from rough stone, beneath a very badly done overcast sky. It's nothing more than a 3D doodle.

Dome 1