Main Structure

One of four, on each side of the main Pavé. The steps are 240m wide, the central part of the Temple is 50m wide and the columns over 20m tall.

My largest model so far, over 600,000 polygons per temple, and though the actual architecture is nowhere near as complicated as the Pole Star Inn, scaling and aligning all the image-maps took ages. The final view is from the top of a temple pylon, looking across the Pavé, beyond which can be seen the city.

Inner garden with colonnade, balconies, and fountains.

View of clock and stylised 'solar wings'. They count in 20s so there are 20 hours to the day and night combined. Noon is at the top with midnight at the bottom.

The two ground-floor rooms visible in the first image have fully-modelled door- and window-screens, but the remainder of the screens are just simple clip-maps which have worked surprisingly well, and the tops of the ornate pedestals supporting the fountain bowls were made from a dingbat font.

Dining room adjacent to the colonnade.

My first attempt at volumetric lighting, which hasn't come out too badly, though the general quality of lighting is not very good and makes the images rather lacking in contrast, and I admit I completely ran out of ideas for the wall ornamentation so they remain somewhat crude.

The idea of lighting here is that the walls have channels and mirrors to direct sunlight from mirrors and lenses on the flat roof, which is then directed into rooms through coloured glass, in this instance a simple shape of two circles representing the sun and moon.