Satire & Humour

Dear Dr. Laura
Request for advice on modern living addressed to the expert.
Funny (not always intended as such) & Satirical
Quick jokes, postings from newsgroups, etc, including a wonderful list of fulfilled prophecies. (Contains some swearing.)
The Invisible Pink Unicorn (pbuh)
A collection of the best posts regarding this mythical creature, which was meant as a spoof of religious beliefs, except many people were incapable of realising the same 'logic' which was applied here also applied to their own religion.
Book Of Creation
Genesis - or not, as the case may be.
In The Beginning…
Genesis for programmers.
Intelligent Design
Design by a commitee of gods.
God's TQM
Not satisfied with your God? Give him feedback here.
As it says - general & religious.
A Letter To Xians
My parody of A Letter To Witches.