Some of the scenes below have been used as the basis for images on the Art & SFX page.

Oceans | Stars


Sunset - Natural
An attempt to make a less stylized, more realistic scene.

Sunset - Orange

Gold & Silver

Deliberately dark like the photographs I've taken of real coastlines, which have been under-exposed so the sea appears like oil or ink.

Underwater Sunlight
The flare streaks and halo can't be animated, so this isn't quite right.

Pale Blue Wave
Geometry displacement which loops every 200 frames (though the textures don't), but I'm not good enough to add things like spray.

Underwater Moonlight
Combining elements from the previous two scenes.


Binary Eclipse
Just using lights and sky textures in an otherwise empty scene, with highly exaggerated cloud effects.

'Real' Version

Alternative 1 : Shimmering Clouds

Alternative 2 : Smoke Tendril Clouds