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Enochian Alphabet & Numeric Equivalents

Enochian Alphabet


The Great Tablet

This apparently random sequence of letters is in fact a key to, well: everything. It is constructed from four smaller tablets (or Watchtowers of the universe) representing the elements of Air (upper-left), Earth (lower-left), Fire (lower-right), & Water (upper-right), placed around a cross of Spirit (Union). Considering that Enochian doesn't have upper and lower case letters, it seems strange that some letters are capitalised, but it's all part of the master plan. The original colouring of Dee was Air = Red, Earth = Black, Fire = White, & Water = Green, but the most common system is by The Golden Dawn, below in English.

Once this has been created, the real fun (sorry, magic) can begin: extracting names. Names have power, they can be used to summon and control things… dangerous things… very dangerous things. You have been warned… proceed at your own peril.

The tablet of Union can be read across or down to create 20 names: the Spirit names are EXARP etc., whilst EHNB contains all the elements and is attributed to Spirit.

Each of the 4 main tablets is split into four parts around a cross (line 2 & column 3), whose quadrant is reflected to an element in the same way as the whole; so for example the upper-left of Air is Air-of-Air, the lower-left is Earth-of-Air, etc. The cross itself contains the god-names for that quadrant, and the squares of the cross are called Sephirotic. From here things get really silly… er, interesting.

Don't forget, this is real magic, and potentially very dangerous.

Enochian Tablets

Spirit (Union)

  Spirit Air Water Earth Fire
Air E X A R P
Water H C O M A
Earth N A N T A
Fire B I T O M



WARNING! this is real magic, not the mumbo-jumbo it seems to be, and can only be performed by males

Pentagram Banishing Ritual


Hexagram Banishing Ritual


Ritual Consecration Of Magical Instruments


Fire Wand Invocation


Air Dagger Invocation


Water Cup Invocation


Earth Pentacle Invocation


Ritual Of Opening By Watchtower


The Sigil Of Ameth

More of Dee's work, based on what was revealed to him.

The Sigil contains even more names: Agrippa's 7 who stand before God, which are then transposed by various means to create even more; and Planetary Archgangels are in the centre which are then used to form the 4 groups of 7 Angels (the groups are Sons of Light, Daughters of Light, Sons of the Sons, & Daughters of the Daughters).

The outer circle has 40 pairs of letters and numbers, with 7 letters capitalised as the beginnings of even more names which are found by counting around the circle by using the numbers: this produced Thaaoth, Galaas, Gethog, Horlωn, Innon, Aaoth, & Galethog, but this added to 42 letters which wasn't what he wanted, so he removed the double As in the first two names to make 40, which is where we came in. Still with me? Good. Any letters not used to create names are conveniently ignored, and Galethog was used as the basis for some more sigil-like images that were placed around the outer heptagon, which would otherwise have been empty.

From here existing names were added and placed in grids to produce further names by taking the letters diagonally or from the grid, and this results in "Names of God, not known to the Angels; neither can [they] be spoken nor read of man." Also, "these Names, bring forth 7 angels: the 7 Angels and Governors in the heavens next to us", and "Every letter of the Angels' names, bringeth forth 7 daughters. Every daughter bringeth forth her daughter, which is 7. Every daughter-her-daughter bringeth forth a son. Every son in himself, is 7. Every son has his son, and his son is 7."

A final WARNING which I cannot repeat often enough: this is real magic and must be performed correctly, observing all the rituals. No, honestly, this is REAL!

The Sigil Of Ameth

If you wish to learn further spells, the best way is to relax and chant: "MM-BO JM-BO" as many times as it takes for the true message to sink in.