[EAC #388 : Office Witch & Sharpener Of Pointed Hats]

" … even a superstitious man has certain inalienable rights. He has a right to harbor and indulge his imbecilities as long as he pleases, provided only he does not try to inflict them upon other men by force. He has a right to argue for them as eloquently as he can, in season and out of season. He has a right to teach them to his children. But certainly he has no right to be protected against the free criticism of those who do not hold them. He has no right to demand that they be treated as sacred. He has no right to preach them without challenge." [H. L. Mencken]

General Information

News (Obsolete)
Small items from home and abroad: feng shui, astrology, etc..

The Main Religions

Gods & Festivals
A list of gods from different religions and their mythology, with a section on festivals appropriated by Christianity.
Bible Gods
All of the deities and saviours mentioned in the bible, including comparisons to other gods and their attributes.
Angels & Demons
Numerous lists of angels & demons for almost every aspect of life; most other religions would have gods for these, but as God claimed to be the only one, the angels took their places, though some of the Fallen Angels were gods assimilated from other cultures.
Bible Morality
Extracts from the Bible supporting the contention that God was really a nice person.
Bible Science & Creationism
Aimed at Bible assumptions that are taken as gospel.
Bible Miscellany
Philosophy borrowed from earlier system, and a few other things.
A newer corruption of Judaism / Christianity, which has something in common with Enochian in that they were both given to people via angels, Gabriel for this book and Raphael for the other.
Jesus The Christ
Was Jesus a man or an updated myth?
Enuma Elish
Included simply because I like it, though it did have an influence on Jewish / Christian mythology.
Akhenaten's Poem Of Praise To The Sun
Another favourite of mine.
Perfect Mind
Haunting paean from a goddess.
Nothing to do with Christianity's freethinker, but a self-empowering system of behaviour.
Religious Reich Links
Sites dealing with extreme religion with extracts from their hateful inanities and deliberate duplicity.
Religion & Gays
Samples of sites like those above but dealing with religion's hatred of gays.


A summary of their central tenets, with samples of their stories and procedures.


Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley were given this system by angels (yes, really) in about 1581 (though later revised on 20 April 1587 by Raphael himself), based on knowledge 'lost' with Enoch (hence the name). Apparently, as magic goes, this is considered the dangerous type (because it's real), but is actually indistinguishable from the fake Necronomicon. Mumbo-jumbo has never looked so formalised.
The Greater Key Of Solomon : Extracts
Some chapters from this very long tome allegedly dating back to Solomon's time; as with Enochian, this is very dangerous and should only be performed once all the rituals have been observed.
The Liber Logaeth (Necronomicon) & Other Manuscripts
Placed here rather than the Satire & Humour section because it's virtually the same as various texts that circulated some centuries ago.