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A Prophet's Demythologizing HermeneuticsHere are just a few examples of undiluted pentecostal hatred :-


Citizens for the Ten CommandmentsAnd following from the above is this. The author says he's a 16-year-old boy. This might explain his ignorance, but what can possibly account for his hatred? The attempt at grammar has been left as is.


Society For The Practical Establishment And Perpetuation Of The Ten Commandments More of the same, really, from Robert T. Lee.


God Hates Fags Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. Simple and to the point - more sinners burning in hell eternal, and he and his brood of like-minded children picket the funerals of gays and delight in the death of someone who isn't like them.

How to treat women
In one of his fax missives, the pastor has stated: "Wives who have strayed too far traditional family values of home and children need to be whipped into godly obedience. Sparing the rod and sparing either the children or the women is a strategy that fundamentalist Christians reject. Complacency and misplaced 'equality' notions produce tormented, social misfits like (here Phelps names several female city officials) who are hormonally and intellectually incapable of rational thought. Like the termite, these so-called modern ideas promulgated by Satan's servants are destroying the studs of the family unit."
One of the few to escape, a son recalls his father's abuse
Mark Phelps feels nauseated whenever he remembers that night. He was hit over 60 times and his brother, Nate, over 200 with a mattock handle. Nate went into shock. Mark didn't. A boy who became a compulsive counter to handle the stress, Mark counted every stroke. His and Nate's. While their father screamed obscenities and his brother screamed in pain. Every 20 strokes, their mother wiped their faces off in the tub. Nate passed out anyway. That was Christmas Day. Though he believes he should be the next governor of Kansas, Pastor Phelps has never believed in Christmas. A mattock is a pick-hoe using a wooden handle heavier than a bat. Fred swung it with both hands like a ballplayer and with all his might. "The first blow stunned your whole body," says Mark. "By the third blow, your backside was so tender, even the lightest strike was agonizing, but he'd still hit you like he wanted to put it over the fence. By 20, though, you'd have grown numb with pain. That was when my father would quit and start on my brother. Later, when the feeling had returned and it hurt worse than before, he'd do it again. After 40 strokes, I was weak and nauseous and very pale. My body hurt terribly. Then it was Nate's turn. He got 40 each time. I staggered to the bathtub where my mom was wetting a towel to swab my face. Behind me, I could hear the mattock and my brother was choking and moaning. He was crying and he wouldn't stop. Then I heard my father shouting my name. My mom was right there, but she wouldn't help me. It hurt so badly during the third beating that I kept wanting to drop so he would hit me in the head. I was hoping I'd be knocked out, or killed… anything to end the pain. After that… it was waiting that was terrible. You didn't know if, when he was done with Nate, he'd hurt you again. I was shaking in a cold panic. Twenty-five years since it happened, and the same sick feeling in my stomach comes back now…" Did he? Come back to you? "No. He just kept beating Nate. It went on and on and on. I remember the sharp sound of the blows and how finally my brother stopped screaming… It was very quiet. All I could think of was would he do that to me now. I could see my brother lying there in shock, and I knew in a moment it would be my turn. I can't describe the basic animal fear you have in your gut at a time like that. Where someone has complete power over you. And they're hurting you. And there is no escape. No way out. If your mom couldn't help you…I can't explain it to anyone except perhaps a survivor from a POW camp."
How Phelps treated his wife
One day when Mark was a teenager, he came home to find his mom sitting on the lip of the tub, blue towel on her head, her lips pursed with anger and hurt. "Do you know what your father did today?" she asked. To Mark, it felt surreal. His mother never spoke out nor vented her emotions. She seemed quite different just then. He looked at his father. Pastor Phelps was standing across the room with his arms folded, smiling (the bathtub was in the parents' bedroom). "No," said Mark. "I don't know." His mother stood up and whipped the towel down her side. "He chopped my hair off," she announced, tears coming to her eyes. The son stood aghast at the grotesque head before him. His mother's former waist-length hair had been shorn to two inches- and even that showed ragged gouges down to the white of the scalp. "Why?" he asked. "Your father says I wasn't in subjection today," she replied.
Taken from the article Addicted To Hate, a transcript of a journalist's interviews with family members, at The Skeptic Tank.


Thunder Ministries

This site's address is a good indication of its contents, made as it is from a description of his Yahweh mountian / storm god and his self-imposed self-righteous preachings. The page about Wicca is so misinformed as to be hilariously stupid unless you're already of his persuasion and so believe it because you know it's right (due to it being the word of God and all that), travelling the well-worn path of equating Wiccans with Satanists whilst being utterly incapable of realising that by definition Wiccans don't believe in his God and so they don't believe in his Devil. But then this is an xian fundy, so knowledge of anyone else's beliefs is hardly high on his agenda as long as he consigns them all to his hell for not being the same as he is.


Jesus Is Lord Another site claiming their brand of Xianity is the only 'true' one. Anti-Catholic, anti-Wiccan, anti-everything-that's-not-his-way, which means the 'perfect' translation of the KJV.


Dial The Truth Ministries Want to read something cozy before going to bed? How about the fires of hell?


Sound Doctrine

These pages contain so much ignorance that the site is almost unbelievable - everything from anti-gay to misogyny via witch-hunts. Why? It's in the bible, of course.


Chick's Tracts The original and still the funniest

Never mind the lies and hypocrisy, if you want to be saved, here's how. Don't forget that as a true xian you must first admit to sin, otherwise you can't be saved! For the rest of us, it's a collection of badly-drawn comics with vacuous 'arguments' against straw-man positions.


Demon Possession HandbookThis site is not a spoof, it's meant to be serious!

Troubled by pesky demons? Need an exorcist and can't find one in the Yellow Pages? Never fear, the answer is here.


John Boatwright's Home Page

A perfect example of 'interpretation'. Gasp as the bible is shown to predict ICBMs, swoon as the truth is revealed about the 'parting of the waters', die happy in the knowledge that god was right and jesus 'died' for your sins.


Childcare Action Project (ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture)

Absolutely hilarious site devoted to rating films according to how 'christian' and suitable they are as 'family entertainment'. Needless to say, the reviewers haven't used the same system of WISDOM ratings (!) on their own book of myths, for if they did list all the murder, rape, genocide and wanton slaughter, then the marks would be so low that no one would read it.

It Is Truth

If it isn't 'the word of God' in the bible that's undeniably divine and therefore true, then it has to be 'the word of Allah' in the Qur'an that's undeniably divine and therefore true, and here's a site that sets out to prove it with all the 'scientific' evidence you'd expect from a religious interpreter. Smoke becomes inter-stellar gas, iron that was 'sent down' for use in war becomes proof that it originated in the stars (they didn't even know what the stars were at the time) when the simplest explanation is that is was meteoric in origin, and so on.


Submission (i.e., Islam)

And here is another site. This one not only uses mathematics to 'prove' the Qur'an's divinity because of all the 19s that can be found (where's Paul Hardcastle when you n-n-n-need him?), but there is also a modern translation of the Qur'an (with a very good DOS-based front-end) which biases everything towards a 'scientific' interpretation.


The Evolution Deceit [Now A Dead Link]

"In 1912, the English biologist Charles Darwin fitted an orangutan jaw to a human skull and exhibited it as a transitional form between human and ape. It became evident only after 37 years that the Piltdown man which was exhibited in British Museum as the biggest evidence for evolution, was solely a forgery. Yet, more sophisticated forgery methods were being developed by evolutionists."
Unless you are ignorant of history, this even manages to beat the Cretinists at their own game. Darwin died in 1882 (unless, like Jesus, he faked it) and the Piltdown Man (a hoax made from the skull of a human and the jaw of an orangutan) may have been created by Charles Dawson, though this has not been demonstrated beyond doubt. As for the dates, 1912+37=1949, but it was in 1953 that Kenneth Page Oakley and his team, who were trying to date the bones using Flourine testing, realised the bones were only 600 years old, though doubts had been around since 1914. For the truth about Piltdown Man, go here.