Miscellaneous Objects

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IN18 Nixie Tube

The rear fonts aren't 100% accurate, but are more than good enough for this attempt; also included is a smaller version of the hi-resolution scan I made of the digit elements from an old nixie which I dismantled.

Book Of Magic

Two far from original compositions with clichéd contents, but these were experiments with lighting (the candles are the only sources) and small but rough textures (micro-bevelling rather than just a bump-map on the book titles and a surface texture based on height so the embossing appears worn); the biggest problem with the second image is all the candles are so obviously clones, but the uneven floorboards have come out well. I know there should probably have been a skirting-board as well, but having deliberately omitted it from the first image to leave the damaged wall clear, I wanted to keep the two scenes consistent.

The Magic Circle in the second image is real, in as much as it's something used by people who believe angels and spirits exist and can be summoned (usually by invoking their names); the pages of the open book contain images and some text from Enochian (The Sigil of Ameth) and The Necronomicon, whilst the acrostic on the wall is from The Key Of Solomon and the apparition was designed by John Dee to represent all the astrological symbols, so all in all it's a truly ridiculous collection of equally silly mumbo-jumbo and gobbledegook.


Vicious Circle, by Cristina Ruiz Guimaraes (People's Poll winner of the 1999 Peugeot Design Awards)

One of those models where the geometry is ridiculously simple, but getting the various brushed aluminium textures right took ten times longer.

The clock itself is comprised of two rings in which ride ball-bearings, held in place by magnets beneath the surface which are attached to the hands of a standard quartz movement, so the outer ring is the hours (hence the larger ball) and the inner the minutes, and in the image the time is twelve-thirty.


Normal sais and a ridiculously fancy pair.

A titanium-handled stiletto, and a steel balisong.

A rather ornate embossed throwing star.


Everyone should have a logo, and these are some stylised variations of my initials CLP, with the last as an impossible object because of my love of illusions.

A beautiful Art Deco design I found as a low resolution image on a vintage radio site, so I scaled it up and assigned it to various grids and circles to create an idealised image, then extruded and lathed a glass back to make a solid yet transparent version.

Pye Radio's gorgeous Art Nouveau style design, first as the more complicated wood grille, a second and rarer/simpler version for a plastic case. There are not many good images of these so I had to make some guesses based on curves that just looked nice, and it seems that there were minor variations anyway (unless parts got worn away by excessive cleaning).