Angels & Demons
Biblical and other references in the tables below can also be found in a separate list of Angels & Demons.
Many thanks to Esoteric Archives, who provided much of the raw information for the Mediaeval section.

Biblical / Apocryphal / Gnostic
The Archangels | Leaders Who Led 200 Angels To Choose Human Wives | Celestial Conductors | Angels Who Taught Humans | Fallen Angels | Demons Bound By Solomon To Build His Temple | Esdras | Bartholomew | Gnostic
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Islamic Angels | Patron Angels | Fallen Angels | The 100 Holy Names Of God

Biblical / Apocryphal / Gnostic

The Archangels
Source Names
Bartholomew Satanael Michael Gabriel Uriel Raphael Nathanael or
Xathanael or
Dionysius the Areopagite Michael Gabriel Raphael Uriel Chamuel Jophiel Zadkiel
1 Enoch List 1 Uriel Raphael Raguel Michael Saraqael Gabriel Remiel
Set over the World & Tartarus Set over the Spirits of Men Takes Vengeance on the Luminaries Set over Mankind & Chaos Set over the Spirits Set over Paradise Set over Those who Rise
List 2 Michael Raphael Gabriel Phanuel      
The Merciful & Long-suffering Set over Diseases & Wounds Set over all the Powers Set over Repentance unto Hope of those who inherit Eternal Life      
2 Enoch Michael Gabriel Pravuil Samuil or
Raguil or
3 Enoch Michael Gabriel Shatqiel Baradiel Shachaqiel Baraqiel or
Sidriel or
Geonic Lore Michael Gabriel Raphael Aniel Kafziel Samael or
Gnostics Michael Gabriel Raphael Uriel or
Barachiel Sealtiel Jehudiel
Gregory the Great Michael Gabriel Raphael Uriel Simiel Orifiel Zachariel
Hierarchy Of The Blessed Angels Raphael Gabriel Chamuel Michael Adabiel Haniel Zaphiel
Solomon Michael Gabriel Uriel Sabrael Arael Iaoth Adonael
Talismanic Zaphkiel Zadkiel Camael Raphael Haniel Michael Gabriel
The Amesha Spentas (Holy Immortals)
Asha Khshathra Vairya Armaiti Huarvatat Ameretat Vohu Sraosha
Truth Desired Realm Compliance Perfection Immortality Sound Views Obedience
Islamic Jibril or
Mikal or
Azrail or
Izrael or


Angelic Leaders Who Led 200 Angels To Choose Human Wives (Chiefs of Tens) from 1 Enoch
Translation 1 Semjaza Samiazaz Arakiba Rameel Kokabiel Tamiel Ramiel Danel Ezeqeel Baraqijal
Asael Armaros Batarel Ananel Zaqiel Samsapeel Satarel Turel Jomjael Sariel
Translation 2 Samjaza Samyaza Urakabarameel Rameel Akibeel Tamiel Ramuel Danel Azkeel Saraknyal
Asael Armers Batraal Anane Zavebe Samsaveel Ertael Turel Yomyael Arazyal


Celestial Conductors Of The Seasons from 1 Enoch
Translation 1 Translation 2
Conductors Of Stars
Adnar'el Ijasusa'el 'Elome'el Adnarel Jyasusal Jyelumeal
Conductors Of Quarters
Milki'el or Melkejal or Tam'aini & the sun Melkel or Melkyas or Tamani & Zahay
Hel'emmelek Helammelak
Mel'ejal Meliyal
Narel Narel
Conductors Of Trees & Corn & Flowers
Berka'el Zelebs'el Hilujaseph Barkel Zelsabel Heloyalef
Chiefs Of A Thousand
Gida'ljal Ke'el He'el Asfa'el Gedaeyal Keel Heel Asphael


Angels Who Taught Humans (The Watchers / The Grigori / The Irin) from 1 Enoch
Name Craft
Translation 1 Translation 2  
Azazel Azazyel Swords Knives Shields Breastplates Metals & Metalwork Bracelets Ornaments Antimony Eye-Cosmetics Precious Stones Colouring Tinctures
Semjaza Amazarak Enchantments & Root-cutting
Armaros Armers Enchantments & Sorcery
Baraqijal Barkayal Astrology
Kokabel Akibeel Constellations
Ezeqeel   Clouds
Araqiel   Signs of the Earth
Shamsiel Tamiel Signs of the Sun
Sariel Asaradel Course of the Moon


Fallen Angels from 1 Enoch
Chief Angels Over 100s & 50s & 10s Angels
Translation 1 Translation 2 Attributes Translation 1 Translation 2
Jeqon Yekun Led astray the Sons of God & brought them down to the Earth & led them astray through the Daughters of Men Samjaza Artaqifa Armen Kokabel Turael Rumjal Danjal Neqael Baraqel Azazel Armaros Batarjal Busasejal Hananel Turel Simapesiel Jetrel Tumael Turel Rumael Azazel Samyaza Arstikapha Armen Kakabael Turel Rumyel Danyal Kael Barakel Azazel Armers Bataryal Basasael Ananel Turyal Simapiseel Yetarel Tumael Tarel Rumel Azazyel
Asbeel Kesabel Imparted to the Holy Sons of God evil counsel & led them astray so that they Defiled their Bodies with the Daughters of Men
Gadreel Gadrel Showed the Children of Men all the blows of Death & led astray Eve & showed the Weapons of Death to the Sons and Children of Men
Penemue Penemue Led Eve Astray & Taught the Children of Men the Bitter & the Sweet & all the Secrets of their Wisdom & Instructed Mankind in Writing with Ink & Paper
Kasdeja Kasyade Showed the Children of Men all the wicked Smitings of Spirits & Demons & the Embryo & the Soul
Kasbeel Kasbel Chief of the Oath which he showed to the Angels before they came to earth to mate with the Daughters of Men


Demons Bound By Solomon To Build His Templefrom The Testament Of Solomon
Name Appearance Powers & Attributes Bound To / Frustrated By Temple Work
Ornias Assumes the shape of a Woman to appease Men Plays with Men in their Sleep; Offspring of Uriel; Fears Iron Aquarius Cuts Stone
Beelzeboul or
  Ruler of Demons Destroys Kings; Aids Foreign Tyrants; Sets Demons upon Men; Makes Men Envious & Murderous & Warlike and commit Sodomy; will Destroy the World God Brings other Demons
Onoskelis   A Fair Woman with Ass's Legs Changeable Character; Strangles Men with a Noose; Lives In Caves Precepices & Ravines; Consorts with darkskinned Men; Born of an Echo Moon
Spins Hemp
Asmodeus   Plots against Newly-weds so they are Strangers; Makes Married Men Lust After Women & Commit Murder Dragon's Child (Ursa Major / Great Bear)
Raphael / Sheatfish
Carries Water
Tephras Dust-devil / Whirlwind Spirit of the Ashes Bring Darkness to Men; Sets Fields on Fire; Destroys Homesteads; Bidden to Restrain Convulsions of Hemitertian Fever Azael Carries Stone
Pleiades :
Seven Fair Women Bound Together Deceives Men & Weaves Snares; Whets & Excites Heresies Lamechalal Digs Foundations
Pleiades :
Brings Timbers & Stones & Hangers & Weapons Baruchiachel
Pleiades :
Klothod (Battle)
Causes Wars Marmarath
Pleiades :
Causes Men to Forget their Sobriety & Moderation; Splits Men into Parties (Factions); Splits Families Balthial
Pleiades :
Raises Tyrants; Tears down Kings; Furnishes Rebels with Power Asteraoth
Pleiades :
Leads Men Astray so as to Pry into Graves Uriel
Pleiades :
"the worst of all"
(equated with Hecate)
Makes Men worse off than they are; Imposes the Bonds of Artemis a Locust
Envy Headless Man Makes Children Dumb; Haunts Crossroads; Emits Fire from the Orient; Mutilates Feet; Inflicts Sores Flash of Lightning (Kept with Beelzeboul)
Rabdos (Staff) Large Hound Supplies a Green Stone Tossed To & Fro in a Mountainous Region Brieus Cuts Marble
Rath Roaring Lion Makes Sick Men Weak; Casts Out Demons Emmanuel Carries Wood
"crest of Dragons" 3-Headed Dragon Blinds unborn Children & Twirls Their Ears & Makes them Deaf & Dumb; Makes Men have Fits / Seizures the writing of Golgotha Makes Bricks
Obizuth Woman's Head with dishevelled Hair without a Body Strangles Children & Makes them Deaf & Dumb & Mad & in Pain Afarot (Raphael) (Bound by her Hair)
"winged dragon" Dragon with Human Face & Hands Mates with fair Women & Makes them Fart Bazazeth Cuts Marble
Enepsigos Woman with 2 more Heads & Hands on her Shoulders Lives in the Moon; Invoked as Kronos; Foretold the downfall of Solomon's Temple & the Crucifiction Rathanael (Imprisoned)
Kuno(s)paston Horse's Front & Fish's Rear Greedy of Gold & Silver; Travels over Sea and Causes Waves to Smother Ships Iameth (Imprisoned)
[not given] Man with Gleaming Eyes carrying a Blade Lives in Cemetaries; Ambushes Men & either Kills them or Causes them to be Possessed by a Demon Christ (Imprisoned)
Ephippas   Sets Fires & Causes Death; Removes Mountains; Overthrows Kings; Withers Trees Christ Carries Stone
Abezithibod   Foments Plots & Hardens Men's Hearts    
The 36 Elements - World Rulers
Ruax Men with shapeless Heads like Dogs and the Faces of Assess Oxen & Birds Fills the Minds of Men with Idle Thoughts & Pillages their Brows Say "Michael imprison Ruax" Heavy Work / Imprisoned / Tends Furnaces for Metalwork
Barsafael Migraine Say "Gabriel imprison Barsafael"
Arotosael Harms Eyes & grievously Injures them Say "Uriel imprison Aratosael"
[…] […] […]
Iudal Blocked ears & Deafness Say "Uruel Iudal"
Sphendonael Tumours of the Parotid Gland; Inflammations of the Tonsils; Tetanic recurvation Say "Sabrael imprison Sphendonael"
Sphandor Weakens Shoulders; Paralyses Nerves in the Hands; Breaks & Bruises Neck Bones; Sucks out Marrow Say "Arael imprison Sphandor"
Belbel Twists the Hearts & Minds of Men Say "Arael imprison Belbel"
Kurtael Bowel Colic & Pain Say "Iaoth imprison Kurtael"
Metathiax Aching Reins [Kidneys but also the Heart] Say "Adonael imprison Metathiax"
Katanikotael Strife & Wrongs in Men's Homes; Hard Temper Write on 7 leaves of laurel the "name of the angel that frustrates you" with "Iae Ieo sons of Sabaoth in the name of the great God let him shut up Katanikotael"; then you must wash the laurel-leaves in water and sprinkle your house with the water from the inside to the out
Saphathoraél Partisanship in Men & Delight in causing them to Stumble Write on paper the names of the angels Iaco Iealo Ioelet Sabaoth Ithoth & Bae then fold it up and wear it round your neck or against your ear
Bobel Nervous Illnesses Say "Adonael imprison Bothothel"
Kumeatel Shivering Fits & Torpor Say "Zoroel imprison Kumentael"
Roeled Cold & Frost & Stomach Pains Say "Iax bide not be not warmed for Solomon is fairer than eleven fathers"
Atrax Fevers Irremediable & Harmful Chop up coriander and smear it on your lips then recite the following charm "The fever which is from dirt I exorcise thee by the throne of the most high God retreat from dirt and retreat from the creature fashioned by God"
Ieropael Convulsions in the Bath and the Road; Wherever a Man is found he is Thrown Down Say to the afflicted in their right ear three times "Iudarize Sabune Denoe"
Buldumech Separates Wives from Husbands & brings a Grudge between Them Write down the names of your sires Solomon on paper and place it in the ante-chamber of your house and write the following command "The God of Abram and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob commands thee - retire from this house in peace"
Naoth The Knees of Men Write on paper "Phnunoboeol depart Nathath and touch thou not the neck"
Mardero Incurable Fever Write on the leaf of a book "Sphener Rafael retire drag me not about flay me not" and tie it round your neck
Alath Coughing & Breathing difficulties in Children Write on paper "Rorex do thou pursue Alath" and fasten it round your neck
[…] […] […]
Nefthada Aching Reins [Kidneys but also the Heart] & Dysury [painful Urination] Write on a plate of tin "Iathoth Uruel Nephthada" and fasten it round the loins
Akton Aches in Ribs & Lumbic Muscles Engrave on copper taken from a ship which has missed its anchorage "Marmaraoth Sabaoth pursue Akton" and fasten it round your loins
Anatreth Burnings & Fevers in the Entrails Say "Arara Charara"
Enenuth Steals Men's Minds; Changes their Hearts & makes them Toothless Write "Allazool pursue Enenuth" and tie the paper round you
Pheth Consumption & Haemorrhaging Exorcise wine sweet-smelling and unmixed by the eleventh aeon then say "I exorcise thee by the eleventh aeon to stop I demand Pheth (Axiopheth)" then drink it
Harpax Sleeplessness on Men Write "Kokphnedismos" and bind it around your temples
Anoster Uterine Mania & Pains in the Bladder Make a powder into pure oil from three seeds of laurel and smear it on saying "I exorcise thee Anoster Stop by Marmarao"
Alleborith [not mentioned] Eat a fish and swallow a bone then take a bone from the fish and cough
Hephesimireth Lingering Disease Throw salt rubbed in the hand into oil and smear it on and say "Seraphim Cherubim help me!"
Ichthion Paralyses Muscles & Contuses them Say "Adonaeth help!"
Agchonion Lies among Swaddling-clothes and in the Precipice Write on fig-leaves "'Lycurgos" removing one letter at a time and write it reversing the letters "Lycurgos ycurgos kurgos yrgos gos os"
Autothith Grudges & Fighting Write down Alpha and Omega
Phthenoth Casts Evil Eye on every Man If your eyes suffer they must be drawn
Bianakith Grudges against the Body; Lays Waste to Houses; Causes Flesh to Decay Write on the front-door of your house "Melto Ardu Anaath"


Esdras from The Revelation Of Esdras
Name Michael Gabriel Uriel Raphael Gabuthelon Aker Arphugitonos Beburos Zebuleon


Bartholomew from The Gospel Of Bartholomew
Angels of the Winds Name Oertha or Alfatha Kerkoutha or Cedar Naoutha [not given] Mermeoth [not given] [not given] [not given]  
Station North South South-West Ocean Hail Snow Thunder Lightning  
Ministers Mermeoth Onomatath Douth Melioth Charouth Graphathas Oethra Nephonos Chalkatoura
Demons Beliar Melkir              


Pistis Sophia / Barbelo
from The Apocryphon Of John (the first five names also appear in Melchizedek) from The Gospel Of The Egyptians from Trimorphic Protennoia
Light-Aeons Light-Aeons Light-Aeons
Name Attributes Name Attribute Minister Consort Name
Armozel Grace Truth Form Harmozel Grace Gamaliel Memory Armedon Nousanios Armozel
Oriel Conception Perception Memory Oroiael Perception Gabriel Love Phaionios Ainios Oroiael
Daveithai Understanding Love Idea Davithe Understanding Samlo / Samblo Peace Mellephaneus Loios Daveithai
Eleleth Perfection Peace Wisdom Eleleth Prudence Abrasax Immortality Mousanios Amethes Eleleth
Powers Created By The Archons    
Name Appearance
Sheep's face
Donkey's face
Hyena's face
Serpent's face with seven heads
Dragon's face
Monkey's face
Shining fire-face
Sons of Samael Sons of Samael
Name Attribute Name
Adonaiou (Sabaoth)
eye of envy

the sun

Ruler of Hades
Adonaios (Sabaoth)
Powers Who Created Characteristics Of Mankind  
Attribute Soul
Angelic Creators Of Mankind
Powers over these : Michael Ouriel Asmenedas Saphasatoel Aarmouriam Richram Amiorps
Name Body-part
right eye
left eye
right ear
left ear
right shoulder
left shoulder
right elbow
left elbow
right underarm
left underarm
right hand
left hand
right fingers
left fingers
right breast
left breast
right shoulder
left shoulder
right ribs
left ribs
right hip
left hip
breaths which are in the limbs
all the flesh
right buttock
left buttock
right thigh
left thigh
right kidney
left kidney
right leg
left leg
right shin-bone
left shin-bone
right knee
left knee
right foot
right toes
left foot
left toes
Angels Of The Body
Name Attribute
Angels Of The Emotions
Name Attribute
The Mother of them all
Head of the Material Soul
Pleasure (Wickedness & Empty Pride)
Desire (Anger & Wrath & Bitterness & Bitter Passion & Unsatedness)
Grief (Envy & Jealousy & Distress & Trouble & Pain & Callousness & Anxiety & Mourning)
Fear (Dread & Fawning & Agony & Shame)


The Archangels Of The Holy Sephiroth
Name Metatron or
Ratziel or
Tzaphqiel or
Tzadqiel or
Khamael Raphael Haniel Michael Gabriel Methattron or
Sephira Kether Chokmah or
Binah Chesed Geburah Tipareth or
Netzach Hod Yesod Malkuth or
Meaning Crown Wisdom Understanding Mercy Strength Beauty Victory Splendour Foundation Kingdom
Attribute Sustainer Of
Knowledge &
Hidden Things
Spiritual Strife
Against Evil
Mercy &
Strength &
Brightness &
Love &
Splendour &
Truth Approacher &
Prince Of Prayer

In the Kabbalah, there were also 10 'unholy' Sephira :

Sephira Thaumiel Ghogiel Satariel Agshekeloh Golohab Tagiriron Gharab & Tzerek Samael Gamaliel Lilith
Meaning The Two Contending Forces The Hinders The Concealers The Breakers In Pieces The Burners The Disputers The Ravens Of Death The Liar or
Poison Of God
The Obscene Ones Queen Of The Night & Demons


Angels Of The Hours from Ars Paulina - Book III of The Lemegeton (Lesser Key Of Solomon)
Time Hour Name Angel Commands (amongst many others)
1 am [not given] Samael Amenial Charpon Darosiel Monasiel Brumiel Nestoriel Chremas Meresyn
2 am Sovormi Anael Menerches Sarchiel Cardiel Orphiel Elmoijm Ruosiel Ermosiel Granijel
3 am Danlor Veguaniel Ansmiel Persiel Mursiel Zoetiel Drelmech Sadimel Parniel Comadiel Gemary Xautiel Serviel Euriel
4 am Elechin Vachmiel Ammiel Larmiel Martfiel Ormijel Zantiel Emertiel Permiel Queriel Serubiel Daniel Fermiel Thuzez Vaaesiel Zasviel Harmiel
5 am Tealeach Sasquiel Damiel Aramiel Maroch Serapiel Putrsiel Jameriel Futuniel Ramesiel Amisiel Omezach Lameros Zathiel Fustiel Bariel
6 am Genphorim Samiel Arnebiel Charuch Medusiel Nathmiel Pemiel Jamiel Jenotriel Sameon Trasiel Zamion Nedaber Permon Brasiel Comosiel Enader
7 am Hemarim Banyniel Abrasiel Nestori Namiel Sagiel Harmiel Naustrus Varmay Thusrnas Crosiel Pastiel Venesiel Enarisn Dusiel Kathos
8 am Jenamin Osmadiel Serfiel Amatim Chroel Mesiel Lantrhes Demaros Janosiel Larfuti Vemael Thribel Mariel Remasin Theoriel Framuin Ermiel
9 am Carron Uvadriel Astromiel Charnis Pamorij Damiel Madriel Chromos Menos Brasiel Nesarin Zoijmiel Trubas Zarmiel Lameson Zasnoz Janediel
10 am Lamathon Oriel Armasi Darbiel Penaly Mefriel Choreb Lemur Oymas Charnij Zazior Naveron Zantros Busiton Nameron Krunoti Alfrael
11 am Manelohim Bariel Almarizel Parlimiel Chadros Turmiel Lamiel Menafiel Demasor Omary Hehuas Zemoel Ahuas Perman Comiel Temas Lanifiel
Noon Nahalon Beratiel Camaron Attrafrd or Attrafrel or Altrafrel Penatiel Demarec Famaris Pamiel Nerostiel Emarson Uvirix Sameron Edriel Chorion Romiel Tenostiel Uamary
1 pm Omalhavien Sabrachon Domaros Amerany Penoles Mordiol Nastul Ramasiel Omedriel Frandedac Charsiel Darnason Hayzoim Enalon Turtiel Uvonel Rimaliel
2 pm Ponazur Taktis Almodar Famoriel Nedros Ormozin Chabril Praxiel Parmaz Vomeroz Emariel Fromezin Ramaziel Granozy Gabrynoz Mezcoph Tamariel Venomiel Janaziel Zemizim
3 pm Guabrion Sarquamech Monarim Chrusiel Penergoz Amriel Deminoz Noztozoz Evamiel Sarmezyrs Haylon Uvabriel Thurmytzol Fromzon Vanoir Lemaron Almonayzod Janishyel Mebrotzed Zanthyozod
4 pm Ramersi Jdfischa Armesiel Iudoruan Manoij Lozor Mael Phersiel Remozyn Raisiel Gemezin Frosmiel Haymayzod Gapuviel Jasphiel Lamodiel Adroziel Zodrel Bromiel Coreziel Etnatriel
5 pm Sanayfor Abasdashon Moniel Charaby Appinel Dematron Necorin Hameriel Vulcamiel Semelon Clemary Venesear Samerin Zantropis Herphatzal Chrymos Palrozin Nameten Baymasos Phaytiel Neszomy Uvesalor Carmax Vinariel Kralina Habalon
6 pm Thaasoron Zaazenach Amonzij or Amonzy Menoyik Pronestix Ivamendor Chorahol Dramazod Tuberiel Humaziel Lenaziel Lamerotzod Xerphiel Zeziel Pammon Dracon Gemetzol Gnaviel Rudozer Satmon
7 pm Venador Mendrion Mumiel Choriel Genaritzos Poudroz Memesiel Someriel Ventariel Zachariel Dubraz Marchiel Jonadriel Pomoniel Rayziel Fornitzod Amapion Imonyel Framoch Machmag
8 pm Ximalim Narcriel Cambiel Nedarim Astrecon Marifiel Dramozin Lustision Amolzom Lemozar Xernisiel Kanorfiel Bufanotzod Jamodroz Xanoriz Pastrion Thomax Hobrazim Zimeloz Gramsiel
9 pm Zeschar Pamiel Demnnameals Adyapon Chermel Fenadross Vemasiel Crnary Matiel Xenoroz Brandiel Evandiel Jamriel Befranzij Jachoroz Xanthir Armapi Orucas Saraiel
10 pm Malcho Iasgnarim Laphoriel Emerziel Nameroizod Chameray Hazariel Vramiel
11 pm Alacho Dardariel Cardiel Permon Armiel Nastoriel Casmiros Damoriel Fumarel Masriel Hariaz Damer Alachus Emeriel Mavezoz Alaphar Hemas Druchas Carman Elamiz Iatrziul Lamerly Hamerytzod
Midnight Xphan Sarandiel Adomel Damasiel Ambriel Meriel Denaryzod Etharion Kbriel Marachy Chabrion Nestorel Zachriel Naveriel Damery Namael Hardiel Nefrias Irmanotzod Gerdriel Dromiel Ladrotzod Melanas


Angels Of The Hours By Day The Heptameron sequence is the same as Clavicula Salomonis & The Art Of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals, but shifted so that Sunday in the Heptameron is Thursday in Clavicula Salomonis, Monday in the Heptameron is Friday in Clavicula Salomonis, etc., and apart from the slight change of Hour-Names as described below, Zamael appears as Samael.
  from The Greater Key Of Solomon - Clavicula Salomonis & The Art Of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals by Johannes Trithemius from Heptameron by Peter de Abano
Time Hour Name Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Hour Name
1 am Yayn Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Yayn
2 am Yanor Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Janor
3 am Nasnia Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Nasnia
4 am Salla Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Salla
5 am Sadedali Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Sadedali
6 am Thamur Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Thamur
7 am Ourer Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Ourer
8 am Thainé Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassael Michael Gabriel Zamael Tanic
9 am Neron Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Neron
10 am Yayon Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Jayon
11 am Abai Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Abay
Noon Nathalon Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Natalon
1 pm Beron Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Beron
2 pm Barol Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Berol
3 pm Thanu Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassael Michael Gabriel Zamael Thanu
4 pm Athor Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Athir
5 pm Mathon Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Mathon
6 pm Rana Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Rana
7 pm Netos Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Netos
8 pm Tafrac Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Tafrac
9 pm Sassur Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Sassur
10 pm Agla Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassael Michael Gabriel Zamael Aglo
11 pm Cäerra Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Calerna
Midnight Salam Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Salam


Angels Of The Days
Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
from The Greater Key Of Solomon - Clavicula Salomonis
Archangel Raphael Gabriel Khaniael Michael Tzadiqel Haniel Tzaphqiel
Angel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel
Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Metal Gold Silver Iron Mercury Tin Copper Lead
Colour Yellow White Red Purple Blue Green Black
from Heptameron by Peter de Abano
Angels Michael Dardiel Huratapal Gabriel Michael Samael Samael Satael Amabiel Raphael Miel Seraphiel Sachiel Castiel Asasiel Anael Rachiel Sachiel Cassiel Machatan Uriel
Air Angels Varcan Arcan Samax Mediat or Modiat Suth Sarabotes Maymon
Ministers Tus Andas Cynabal Bilet Missabu Abuzaha Carmax Ismoli Paffran Suquinos Sallales Maguth Gutrix Amabiel Aba Abalidoth Flaef Abumalith Assaibi Balidet
Wind North West East SouthWest South West SouthWest
Ruling Angels Of Air : Heaven 4th 1st 5th 2nd [there are no angels of the air above the 5th heaven] 3rd [there are no angels of the air above the 5th heaven]
Ruling Angels Of Air : East Samael Baciel Atel Gabriel Vionairaba Gabriel Gabrael Madiel Deamiel Janael Friagne Guael Damael Calzas Arragon Mathlai Tarmiel Baraborat Setchiel Chedusitaniel Corat Tamael Tenaciel
Ruling Angels Of Air : West Anael Pabel Ustael Burchat Suceratos Capabili Sachiel Zaniel Habaiel Bachanael Corabael Lama Astagna Lobquin Soncas Jazel Isiael Irel Jeresous Mitraton Turiel Coniel Babiel Kadie Maltiel Huphaltiel
Ruling Angels Of Air : North Aiel Aniel velAquiel Masgabriel Sapiel Matuyel Mael Vuael Valnum Baliel Balay Humastrau Rahumel Hyniel Rayel Seraphiel Mathiel Fraciel Thiel Rael Jariahel Venahel Velel Abuiori Ucirnuel Peniel Pemael Penat Raphael Raniel Doremiel
Ruling Angels Of Air : South Haludiel Machasiel Charsiel Uriel Naromiel Curaniel Dabriel Darquiel Hanun Anayl Vetuel Sacriel Janiel Galdel Osael Vianuel Zaliel Milliel Nelapa Babel Caluel Vel Laquel Porna Sachiel Chermiel Samael Santanael Famiel
Perfume Red Wheat Aloes Pepper Mastick Saffron Pepperwort Sulphur
from Compendium Heptarchiæ Mysticæ by John Dee
King Bobogel Carmmara Blvmaza Bnaspol Bynepor Baligon Bnapsen
Prince Bornogo Hagonel Bralges Blisdon Bvtmono Bagenol Brorges
from Liber Juratus by Honorius of Thebes
Angels Daniel Olyeill Saffiell Dargoyeill Yelbrayeiell Cemaguill Gebarbaya Faceyeill Caram Neyeill Talgylueil Bethtaez Raneil Salha Hyeill Armaquieyeill Romail Gybrill Zemail Mychaze Zarsayeill Amail Antorayeill Ronayeill Reniayeill barhil Marhill Rarorhill Merhill Zarafill Zaraill An Quyhim Ceytatinin Ezniah Vehich Dunedryneylin Yedemkieil Esmaadin Elbedagrin Zamaanel Yocaleme Detryeill Aryeil Arnaeill Veremedin Vnaraxi Semhazylin Semyhylim Yasrozin Agrasnydin Aymsylin Cathneylin Alrasachysin Abrachasin Layralosin Lang Hasin Anaenim Niangarorin Aezonin Montazin Labelas Mafatin Feya Rachin Cadanagin Laeradonin Caffrnbrin Bachramin Varthalin Amnanyneylin Hacoylin Balganaychin Aryeylin Badeylin Abranorin Tarmanydin Amdalysin Sahgragynin Adyanienin Sacstoyein Latebayfanisin Caybeininin Nabyalin Cyzamanin Abramacin Laryagathin Bofealyquin Bayealadin Gasorin Asaphin Daryenin Macnayelin Gomraorin Marybin Yebirin Arilin Faryelin Nepenyelin Banyelin Astyeilin Cerada Samayelin Tartalin Doppeil Racyelin Farabin Cabin Asymolin Mabareilin Tralyeilin Rubbelin Marmarin Tafanyelin Fuheilin Ruffar Aneilin Rabsilin Eralin Pyrteplin Brofilin Cacyrilin Naffreinin Nupurin Raffilin Nyrilin Nyenyolin Nybirin Celabrill Tubeilin Haain Vein Paafirin Cetenoilin Letytyeilin Rarafeill Canueil Bastailin Costirin Montyelin Albilin Parachbeill Alyeill Vaceill Zalcicill Amadiell Vsararieill Lyncodoneil Daffripeil Vnlilin Carfzoneill Gronieill Gabrinin Narbe Michael Beerel Dafngel Aryhyriel Boel Bariel Meriel Amiel Aol Semeol Aaen Berion Sarinon Keinerion Feynon Aneinin Zamazinin Cananin Aall Merygall Pegal Gabal Veal Aumeal Faranyeal Gebin Caribifin Autarilin Metorilin Nabyafsin Fysfin Barsslilin Caruphilin Danyturla Fenyturla Geumyturla Amia Alnamia Tabinia Nafia Myacha Tyagra Bec Alacaorinill Benenonill Satquiel Ahyell Yebel Aneniel Jumiel Juniel Amiel Faniel Ramuel Sanfael Sacciniel Galbiel Lafiel Maziel? Ymraell Memiell Pariel Pamhiniel Toupiel Ambaniel Omiell Orfiell Ael Hearel Memiel Ynel Syumeliel Tranfiel Mefeniel Antquiel Quisiell Cumiriel Rofiniel Rubyeiel Beell Bariel Cheduriel Hasuayeil Barneyeil Verday Heill Alzeyeill Szeyeill Bacapel Zelfayeill Morayeill Borayeill Alpheyeill Arobilin Canofilin Ourilin Zaryalin Marilin Bacoraye Kolfayelin Azrayeilin Ambayeirin Mayeilin Cabueirin Alseirin Asueirin Alneirin Nenanrin Rayorin Orinin Gedulin Harerin Namilin Halilin Hymeilin Reffilin Narraabilin Hahyeilin Landelin Esfilin Thefelin Patnelin Keyalin Nailin Leyraiell Ablayeill Talraylanrain Barkalin Bahorael Myeraton Pacrifon Polypon Capeiell Eheniton Alfiton Cherion Sandalson Panion Almion Erpion Paxon Calirxon Horrion Melison Unrion Tonelin Refaebilion Moniteon Bornailon Paxilon Lelalion Onoxion Quibon Quiron Vixasmion Relion Cassilon Tifonion Murion Degion Dapsion Lenaion Orleunion Foilion Monichion Gabion Paxonion Pinsilon Lepiron Loeloon Saron Salion Pion Nargeron Aaron Selyypon Pinmibron Raconcall Zelibron


Angels Of The Months
from The Magus by Barrett from Liber Juratus by Honorius of Thebes
Month Zodiac Angel Month Ruler Angels
January Aquarius Gabriel or
Nisan Oriel Oriel Malaquiram Acya Zaziel Paltifur Yesmachia Yariel Araton Robica Sephatia Anaya Guesupales Seniquiel Sereriel Malquia Aricasom Pacita Abdiel Ramasdon Cafiel Nascyasori Sugni Aszrus Sornadaf Admiel Necamia Caysaac Benyh Q~uor Adziriell
February Pisces Barchiel Iyar Sasuyell Safuelor Sasnyeil Santon Cartemat Aliel Paltnia Bargar Galmus Necpis Aarom Manit Aadon Quenanel Quemon Rasegar Affrie Absamon Sarsall Aspin Carbiel Regnia Athlas Nadis Abitasi Abitan Pal
March Aries Malahidael or
Sivan Amariel Amariel Tabriell Casmuch Nastifa Almur Naamab Mamica Zicaran Samisarach Naasein Andas Paltamus Abris Borzac Saforac Yayat Dalia Aziger Nabsuf Abuifor Zenam Dersam Cefania Maccasor Naboon Adiell Maasiell Szarzir Tartalion Adyysar
April Taurus Asmodel Tammuz Noriel Noriel Safida Asaf Mazica Sarsac Adryyaac Nagron Galuf Galgal Danroc Saracu Remafydda Lulyaraf Nedylar Tyaf Taanat Lafayel Genida Nedir Delqua Maadon Samiel Amrael Lezaydi As Ohoc Nasyby Razyarsady Yadna Caspa Garitan Elysafan Pastama Maday
May Gemini Ambriel or
Av Beraquiel Beraquiel Manhy or Amarya Haya Byny Madrat Aman Tuliell Cossuro Fartis Nactif Nekyff Pegner Tablic Manuat Amasya Guatiell Reycat Gnynzy Paliel Gadeff Nesgnyraf Abrac Animiter Carnby Nachall Cabake Loch Macria Sase Essaf
June Cancer Muriel Elul Magnyuya Manyny Arabiell Haniell Nacery Yassar Rassy Boell Mathiall Naccameryf Zacdon Nafac Rapion Saspy Salhy Rasersh Malquiell Sanytiell Yoas Gualaly Danpy Yamla Golum Zasziell Satpach Nassa Myssyn Macratyf Dadiell Carciell Effygmato
July Leo Verchiel Tishrei Suriel Surgell or Suriel Sarycam Guabryza Szncariell Sabybiall Ytrnt Cullia Dadiel Marham Abercaysdon Sacdon Pagnlan Arsabon Asyramon Agniel Sastyracnas Altym Masulaef Salamiel Sascuniel Barcaran Yahnt Alycas Vlysacyaia Abry
August Virgo Hamaliel Heshvan marquesnan Barfiell Barbits or Barfiell Tylzdiell Raamiell Nehubaell Alysaf Baliel Arzaf Rashiel Alson Naspiell Becar Paliel Elysu Aiguap Nacpas Sansany Aesal Maarym Sascy Yalsenac Mabint Magdiell Saneinas Maaliel Arsafael Nanyseyorar Becabalaf Napybael Suciel Nabnell Sariell Sodiel Marenell Palytam
September Libra Uriel or
Kislev Adoniel Edoniel Radiel Maduch Racino Hyzy Mariel Azday Mandiel Gumiel Seriel Kery Sahaman Osmyn Sechiel Pazehemy Chalchyphay Gey Idael Necad Mynael Arac Ararygugel Galnel Gimon Satuel Elynzy Baquylaguall
October Scorpio Barbiel Tevet Anael Anael Amiel Acior Naclia Rapines Raacpel Pacrel Halion Guanrynasnihe Aslaom Naspaya Neapry Sanihay Hasasylgason Gastaset Yfaryamy Man Polimas Sarananuf Olyab Sariel Canel Raziell Pmla Nisquem Sarman Malysan Asyzat Marimoe
November Sagittarius Advachiel or
Shevat Gabriel Gabriel Ysrael Natriel Gasziel Nassam Abrysaf Zefaell Zamiel Mamiel Taliel Myriel Sahiniel Guriel Samhiell Dariel Banorsasty Satymn Nasiel Ransiel Talguaf Lebrachiel Daliell Gandriel Sahuhaf Myschiel
December Capricorn Hanael or
Adar Romiel Romiel Patiel Guriel Azriel Paamiel Cartiel El Anunalbeh Parhaya Ysael Beriel Laell Tenebiel Panten Panteron Faniel Falason Manciel Pataron Labiel Ragael Cetabiel Nyazpatael
  Büsextilis Laciel Laciel or Lantiel Ardiel Nosmiel Ardiel Celydael Amiel Malquiel Gabaliel Susuagos Barylaguy Yabtasyper Magos Sangos Yayell Yel Yasmiel Steluiel Garasyn Ceyabgos Sacadiel Garacap Gabanael Tamtiel


Angels Of The Seasons from Heptameron by Peter de Abano
Season Season Name Angels Governing Angel Earth Name Sun Name Moon Name
Spring Talvi Caratasa Core Amatiel Commissoros Spugliguel Amadai Abraym Agusita
Summer Casmaran Gargatel Tariel Gaviel Tubiel Festativi Athemay Armatus
Autumn Ardarael Tarquam Guabarel Tarquaret Rabianara Abragini Matasignais
Winter Farlas Amabael Ctarari Altarib Geremiab Commutaff Affaterim


Angels Of The Winds from Meteorologica Cosmica by Robert Fludd
Direction Archangel Demon Element Angel Demon
East (Oriens) Michael Oriens Fire Seraph Samael
South (Meridies) Uriel Amaymon Air Cherub Azazel
West (Occidens) Raphael Paymon Water Tharsis Azael
North (Septentrio) Gabriel Egyn Earth Ariel Mahazael


Angels And God-Names from Meteorologica Cosmica by Robert Fludd
God-Name Sephira Angelic Order Chief Angel Ethereal Circle
Ehieh Kether Seraphim Metetron Primum Mobile
Iah Hokhmah Cherubim Ruziel Fixed Stars
Elohim Binah Thrones Zabkiel Saturn
El Hesed Dominations Zadkiel Jupiter
Elohim Gibor Geburah Power Samael Mars
Eloah Tifereth Virtues Michael Sun
Jehovah Sabaoth Netsah Principalities Anael Venus
Elohim Sabaoth Hod Archangels Raphael Mercury
Sadai Yesod Angels Gabriel Moon
Adonai Malkuth Souls Soul Of The Messiah Elements


Angels Of The 7 Heavens
Heaven 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Name Shamain or
Raquie or
Sagun or
Machonon or
Mathey or
Zebul Araboth
Ruler Gabriel Zachariel &
Anahel Michael Sandalphon or
Zachiel Cassiel
Subordinate Princes     Jabniel &
Rabacyel &
    Zebul (day-time) &
Sabath (night-time)


Secondary Intelligences (Presidents To The Planets) from De Septem Secundeis by Iohn Tritemivs
Planet Saturn Venus Jupiter Mercury Mars Moon Sun
Name Orifiel Anael Zachariel Raphael Samuel Gabriel Michael
No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Angels Of The Degrees Of The Zodiac from Ars Paulina - Book III of The Lemegeton (Lesser Key Of Solomon)
Zodiac Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Planet Mars Venus Mercury Moon Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter
Element Fire Earth Air Water Fire Earth Air Water Fire Earth Air Water
Ruling Angel Aeil Tual Giel Cael Ol Violl Jael Sosol Swaiaseh Casuiasah Ausim Pasel
Angel Of Each Degree Within Sign
Bial Letiel Latiel Sachiel Mochiel Coliel Ibaich Toliel Taliel Chahel Chamel Lachiel
Gosiel Niyael Najael Motiel Satiel Lonael Eagiel Joniel Jamael Tomael Tosael Nohiel
Hacl Sachiel Sachael Stiel Aiel Nosael Lahael Cosiel Casiel Jaajah Jaajah Sanael
Ganiot Gueliel Gualiel Sachiel Mochiel Sangiel Uaviel Laugael Laugael Casmel Camiel Gnasiel
Zaciot Ponoel Pamel Moliel Satiel Knaphel Saziel Naphael Naphadel Lamajah Lashiel Pangael
Cognel Toxisiel Tzisiel Aniel Aniel Patziel Gnachiel Satziel Satziel Naajah Naajah Tzophal
Taphael Kingael Kingael Sasael Masiel Tzakiel Gatiel Gnakiel Gnakiel Sasaial Samael Kphiel
Hael Raphoel Raphiel Magnael Songael Kriel Tzajael Poriel Poriel Gnamiel Gnashiel Ratziel
Caliel Tozael Gnetiel Athiel Aphiel Rathiel Rohiel Tzathel Tzaugel Paajah Paajah Taraziel
10° Lariot Gonhiel Bahiel Sobael Motziel Tangiel Raliel Kingiel Kabiel T?iel Tzaniel Mathiel
11° Nathel Boriel Goriel Makel Sokel Gnabiel Tavael Robiel Rogael Kiniel Kahiel Bongael
12° Sagnel Gothiel Dathiel Ariel Ariel Bagiel Gnamel Tagiel Tadiel Riajah Raajah Gobiel
13° Gabiel Dagnel Hogael Sothiel Mothiel Godiel Bangiel Gnadiel Gnahoel Tashiel Tamiel Dagiel
14° Pegiel Vabiel Vabiel Magnael Sagel Dahiel Gophel Bovael Bovael Gonamiel Gonastiel Hadiel
15° Gadiel Zegiel Zagiil Abiel Abiel Hovael Datziel Goziel Goziel Baajah Baajah Vahasah
16° Khoel Chadiel Chadiel Sagel Magiel Vaziel Hokel Dachiel Dachiel Cashiel Gacniel Zavael
17° Loviel Tohiel Tahoel Madiel Sadiel Zachiel Varziel Hophiel Hophiel Damiel Dashiel Chaziel
18° Hazael Javiel Javiel Ahiel Ahoel Chotiel Zethel Vajael Vajael Haajah Haajah Tachael
19° Gociel Chaziel Chazael Lavael Mukel Tijel Chongel Zachiel Zachiel Vashiel Vamiel Jabael
20° Botiel Bachiel Bachael Maziel Saziel Jochiel Tobiel Chabiel Chabiel Zannel Zashiel Cajoal
21° Giel Gotiel Gotiel Achiel Achiel Cabiel Jagiel Tagiel Tagiel Chael Chael Bachiel
22° Dachael Dajel Dajoel Sotiel Matiel Bagiel Codiel Jadiel Jadiel Tashiel Tamiel Gabael
23° Habiel Hachael Hachael Majel Goel Gadiel Bohel Chael Cahael Jmojah Jashiel Dagiel
24° Vagel Vabiel Vabiel Achael Achael Dahiel Sael Baviel Baviel Ciajah Ciajah Hodiel
25° Zadiel Zagiel Zagiel Sabiel Mabiel Hovael Daziel Gozael Gozael Boshael Bomiel Vahoiah
26° Chael Chadiel Chadiel Magiel Sagiel Vasiel Hochiel Dachael Dachael Gamiel Gashiel Zavael
27° Tavael Tohael Tahiel Adiel Adiel Zachiel Vatiel Hatiel Hatiel Daael Daael Chazael
28° Jozel Javael Daiel Sahiel Mahiel G?otiel Zael Vagael Vadael Hoshael Homiel Tachiel
29° Chiel Chaziel Hoziel Moviel Savael Tazael Chochiel Zachiel Zahael Vannel Vashiel Jalael
30° Heriel Sachael Vachael Aziel Aziol Jachiel Tohiel Casiel Chanel Zaajah Zaajah Cajael


Angels Of The Compass from Theurgia Goetia - Book II of The Lemegeton (Lesser Key Of Solomon)
Name   Direction Commands Chief Dukes
Carnesiel East 1000 Great Dukes
100 Lesser Dukes
500000000000 Ministering Spirits
60000000000000 Dukes
Orvich Benoham Vadriel Bedary Zabriel Arifel Armany Myrezyn Bucafas Cumerzel Capriel Laphor
Caspiel South 200 Great Dukes
400 Lesser Dukes
1000200000000 Ministering Spirits
Chariel Temol Camorr Ariaiel Ambri Otiel Vusiel Maras Budarijm Larmol Geriel Camor
Amenadiel West 300 Great Dukes
500 Lesser Dukes
40000030000100000 Ministering Spirits
Camiel Musiriel Lamael Carifas Codriel Nadroc Vadras Luziel Rapsel Zoeniel Amesiel Balsur
Demoriel North 400 Great Dukes
600 Lesser Dukes
700000800000000000 Servants
Armbiel Cabarim Burisiel Mador Dubilon Churibal Chomiel Monandor Diriel Carnol Moder Dabrinos
Name Ruler Direction Commands Commands (amongst many others)
Pamersiel Carnesiel E 1000 Spirits Madriel Sotheans Abrulges Itules Hamorphol Aneyr Ebra Madres Ormenu Rablion Itrasbiel
Padiel Carnesiel E by S 10000 Spirits for Day
200000 Spirits for Night
[not given as all Spirits have Power only given to them by Padiel]
Camuel Carnesiel SE [not given] Day : Orpeniel Chamijels Budiel Elearys Citgaras Pariels Cariels Neriels Daniels Omiels Night : Asniels Calyms Dobiels Nodars Phaniels Moras [not given] Todiel Moriel(s) Tuaros
Asteliel Carnesiel S by E 10 Chief Spirits for Day
20 Chief Spirits for Night
Day : Mariol Parniel Cubiel Otiel Charas Aratiel Aniel Othiel Night : Sariel Aroam Chamos Bufar Asahel Euriel Asphiel Melas
Barmiel Caspiel S 10 Dukes for Day
20 Dukes for Night
Day : Sochas Cleansi Barbil Tigara Kiriel Carpid Aclerorv Night : Berbis Acereba Gabir Marques Morcaza Ashib Carnet Baabal
Gediel Caspiel S by W 20 Chief Spirits for Day
20 Chief Spirits for Night
Day : Cotiel Sadiel Assaba Reciel Naras Agra Sabas Anael Night : Sariel Araon Aglas Rantiel Cirecas Vriel Mishel Bariel
Asyriel Caspiel SW 20 Dukes for Day
20 Dukes for Night
Day : Olitors Buniels Arisat Cuopiel Carga Rabas Ariel Malugel Night : Amiel Marott Buter Fiascua Cusrel Onuel Aspiel Hamas
Maseriel Caspiel W by S [not given] Day : Mayhue Zeriel Azimel Assuel Roviel Atmot Chares Aliel Earviol Vescur Patiel Espoel Night : Arach Sarmiel Baras Rabiel Naras Amoyr Eliol Atriel Nogoiol Badiel Eras Sdvar
Malgaras Amenadiel W 30 Dukes for Day
30 Dukes for Night
Day : Carimiel Agor Udiel Meliel Casiel Oriel Rabiel Alisiel Boras Cabiel Barfas Arois Night : Arac Cubi Aspiel Asper Libiel Caron Deilas Deilas Zamor Basiel Dodiel Amiel
Darochiel Amenadiel W by N 40 Dukes for Day
40 Dukes for Night
Day : Magael Carciel Gudiel Abriel Choriel Tubiel Asphor Danael Arlino Corua Emuel Lomor Etiel Morach Sovial Easgel Mamel Alshor Cavron Buciel Suriel Omiel Diviel Lorgat Night : Naliel Soriel Patiel Vreniel Ofisel Darbori Gayres Pelusar Budis Paniel Narsiel Abael Momel Curfas Mosiel Meroth Pasiel Liel Aroziol Chadriel Gariel Maziel Cusijnd Lobiel
Usiel Amenadiel NW 40 Dukes for Day
40 Dukes for Night
Day : Alimoris Ameta Amen Herne Sadfar Potiel Seafar Mapui Amandiel Barfu Garnafu Hisiam Fabariel Vsimel Night : Anfel Godiel Barfos Burfa Saddiel(1) Ofsidiel Adan Asurel Almod Pathir Narad Lasphoron Ethiel Saddiel(2)
Cabariel Amenadiel N by W 50 Dukes for Day
50 Dukes for Night
Day : Satifiel Tares Etimiel Elitel Cupher or Cuphir Peniel Thalbor Ladiel Parius Godiel Night : Aforiel Elijsam Aniel Mador Ugiel Orijm Morias Cazsul Dubiel Pandor
Rasiel Demoriel N 50 Dukes for Day
50 Dukes for Night
Day : Baciar Thoac Sequiel Sadar Teragh Astiell Ramica Dubarus Armena Alhadur Alhadur Fursiel Betasiel Melcha Tharas Vbiel Night : Thariel Paras Arayl Culmar Lazaba Aleasy Sebach Quibda Belsay Morael Sarach Arepach Lamas Lamas
Symiel Demoriel N by E 10 Dukes for Day
1000 Dukes for Night
Day : Asmiel Chrubas Chrubas Malgron Romiel Larael Achot Boniel Dagiel Musor Night : Mafrus Apiel Curiel Molael Arafes Marianu Narzad Murahe Richel Malad
Armadiel Demoriel NE [not given] Alferiel Orariel Orin Samiel Massar Parabiel Asmael Iaziel Pandiel Carasiba Laiel Caluarnia Asbibiel Mafayr Mafayr
Beruchas Demoriel E by N [not given] Buita or Quita Sarael Melchon Cauayr Aboc Cartael Ianiel Pharol Baoxas Geriel Monael Chubor Lamael Dorael Decaniel
Geradiel Carnesiel
SE by E
18150 Servants [not given]
Buriel Carnesiel
SE by S
NE by N
[not given] Day : [none] Night : Merosiel Almadiel Cupriel Busiiel Saruniel Casbriel Nedriel Futiel Drusiel Carmiel Drubiel Nastros
Hidriel Carnesiel
SE by S
NE by N
NE by E
100 Great Dukes
200 Lesser Dukes
Morfatiel Chalmoriel Pesariel Musuziel Lameniel Brackiel Samiel Dusiriel Chamiel Arbiel Lusiel Chariel
Pirichiel Amenadiel
NW by W
NW by N
[not given] Damarsiel Cardiel Almasor or Almariel Nemariel Menaziel Demediel Hursiel Cuprisiel
Emoniel Amenadiel
NW by N
20 Dukes Ermeniel Panuel Edriel Carnodiel Dramiel Pandiel Vasenel Masinel Cruhiel Armisiel Caspaniel Musiniel
Icosiel Carnesiel
NE by E
100 Dukes
300 Companions
Machariel Psichiel Tlanatiel Zosiel Acapsiel Lerphiel Amodiel Tianabriel Zachariel Nathriel Athesiel Vrbaniel Cumariel Heraciel Munetiel
Soteriel Carnesiel
SW by S
200 Dukes
200 Companions
Inachiel Proxel Proxel Amodar Nadiusiel Cobusiel Amriel or Ainoel Prasiel Axosiel Caroel Mursiel Penader
Menadiel Caspiel
SW by S
SW by W
20 Dukes
100 Companions
Dukes : Larmel Brassiel Chamor Chamor Charsiel Charsiel Under Dukes : Barchiel Armasiel Baruch Nedriel Curaijn Tharson
Mecariel Caspiel
SW by W
40 Dukes Chaniel Drusiel Drusiel Caroel Amadiel Remijel Naustuel Verpiel Germel Thirsiel Burfiel Aromusij
Uriel Caspiel
10 Dukes
100 Under Dukes
Chabri Darbos Narmiel Frasmiel Brymiel Dragon Curmis Darpios Hermon Adrnsis
Bidiel Amenadiel
NW by W
20 Chief Dukes
200 Other Dukes
Mudriel Crucham Bramsiel Armoniel Lemoniel Charobiel Andrucha Manasael Persifiel Chremo


Angels Of The Altitudes (Choras) from Ars Almadel - Book IV of The Lemegeton (Lesser Key Of Solomon)
Chora Colour Angels Appearance God-Names
East Lilywhite Alimiel Gabriel Barachiel Lebes Helison. Angel carrying Flag with White Cross wearing a Cloud & Crown of Roses. Adonaij Helomi Pine
South Rose-red Aphiriza Genon Geron Armon Gereimon Young Child wearing Rose-red Satin & Crown of Gilly Flowers. Helion Heloi Heli
West Green & whitish silver Eliphaniasai Gelomiros Gedobonai Taranava Elomina Children or Girls wearing Crowns of Bay Leaves. Jod Hod Agla
North Black & green Barachiel Gediel Gedial Deliel Capitiel Boys wearing Black & Green carrying Birds. Tetrgrammaton Shadai Jah


The Archangels
Of Punishment

Name Attribute
Kezef Wrath & Destruction
Af Anger & Death of Mortals
Hemah Death of Domestic Animals
Mashhit Death of Children
Meshabber Death of Animals

The Angels Of Punishment
(Malake Habbalah)

Name Attribute of God
Kushiel Rigid One
Lahatiel Flaming One
Shoftiel Judge
Makatiel Plague
Hutriel Rod
Pushiel or
Rogziel Wrath


9 Orders Of The Celestial Hierarchy & Their Ruling Princes
Order Meaning Attributes Spirit Of Ruling Princesfrom Angels A to Z by Matthew Bunson
Seraphim Makers of Fire or
Carriers of Warmth
Total Understanding of God;
Love Michael Seraphiel Jehoel Uriel Kemuel Metatron Nathanael Satan
Cherubim Fullness of Knowledge Record-Keepers for God;
Guardians of the Light & Stars;
Spirits of the Harmonies.
Harmonies Gabriel Cherubiel Ophaniel Raphael Uriel Zophiel Satan
Thrones Ophanim or
Always in God's Presence;
Represents those seeking Wisdom;
Celestial court to consider God's Dispositions.
Will Orifiel Zaphkiel Zabkiel Zophiel Raziel
Dominions or
Lords or
Regulates Angels;
Governs Physical Plane & Kingdom of Nature & Elements;
Decides how to Accomplish God's Goals.
Wisdom Zadkiel Hashmal Zacharael or Yahriel Muriel
Virtues Shinning Ones or
Brilliant Ones
Grants Courage to those who
Performs Noble & Virtuous
Deeds against Evil.
Movement Uzziel Gabriel Michael Peliel Barbiel Sabriel Haniel Hamaliel Tarshish
Powers Potentiates Dynamic Authorities Patrols for the Forces of Darkness;
Maintains Balance between Good & Evil.
Form Camael Gabriel Verchiel Satan
Principalities Principal Powers Watchers of Earthly beings;
Governs the Rise & Fall of Nations;
In charge of Religions.
Personality &
Nisroc Haniel Requel Cerviel Amael
Archangels   Liaises between God & Man;
In charge of Heaven's armies in their Battle against Hell;
Oversee Guardian Angels.
Free Metatron Raphael Michael Gabriel Barbiel Jehudiel Barachiel Satan
Angels Sons of Life Messengers between God & Man;
Guardians & Protectors;
Administer to Humans' Needs.
  Phaleg Adnachiel or Advachiel Gabriel Chayyliel


The Sarim (Chief Celestial Angel-Princes)
Name Attribute
Akatriel or
Revealer of the Divine Mysteries & Angel of Proclamation.
Anafiel Chief of the Crown Judgement Angels of the Merkabah.
Azbuga or
One of the 8 great Throne Angels of Judgement who clothes with the Garment of Righteousness those deemed worthy among the new arrivals in Heaven.
Barakiel or
Barkiel or
Ruler of the Order of the Seraphim; Governer of February and one of the 7 Archangels.
Camael or
Chief of the order of Powers; one of the Holy Sephiroth; personification of Divine Justice; among the 7 that stand in the presence of God.
Chayyiel Chief of the holy Hayyoth (Cherubim).
Gabriel Angel of Annunciation Resurrection Mercy & Vengence; ruling Prince of the 1st Heaven; Chief of the Angelic Guards over Paradise.
Galgaliel Eponymous head of the order of Galgalim (chariots of the Merkabah); Chief Angel of the Wheel of the Sun.
Haniel or
Chief of the orders of Principalities & Virtues; one of the 7 Archangels; Governor of December; reputed to have transported Enoch to Heaven.
Iofiel Preceptor Angel of Shem; a prince of the Torah (like Yofiel Zophiel Yefefiah); one of the 7 Archangels; Chief of the Order of Thrones.
The Irin Twin Angels who together with the twin Qaddisin constitute the Supreme Judgement Council of the Heavenly Court; among the 8 exalted hierarchs that enjoy a rank superior to that of Metatron.
Jehoel or
Mediator of the Ineffable Name Prince of the Prescence
Metatron Chancellor of Heaven Prince of the Ministering Angels; Sustainer of Mankind.
Michael Chief Angel of the Lord; Deliverer of the Faithful; Tutelary Prince of Israel; Angel of Repentance etc.
Phanuel or
Archangel of Penance; Prince of the Prescence; Identified with Uriel & Ramiel.
The Qaddisin Twin Angels who together with the twin Irin constitute the Supreme Judgement Council of the Heavenly Court.
Radueriel or
The Recording Angel; Leader of the Celestial Choirs; Creator of the lesser Angels.
Raphael Angel of Healing Science & Knowledge; one of the Princes of the Prescence; Regent of the Sun.
Raziel or
Chief of the Supreme Mysteries; One of the Archangelic governers of the Briatic World; Perceptor Angel of Adam Herald of Deity and reputed author of The Book Of The Angel Raziel.
Rikbiel Chief of the Dvine Chariot; Prince of the Merkabah Angels.
Sopheriel Mehayye &
Sopheriel Memeth
Two of the Supreme Angels of the 8 Merkabah; Keepers of the Books of Life and Death.
Soqed Hozi Keeper of the Divine Balances; One of the 8 Supreme Angels of the Merkabah; appointed by God to the Sword
Sandalphon Angel of Power and Glory; Twin brother of Metatron.
Shemuil The Great Archon Mediator between the prayers of Israel and the Princes of the 7th heaven.
Suriel Benevolent Angel of Death; Instructor of Moses; Also a Prince of the Presence.
Tzadkiel Angel of Divine Justice.
Uriel Archangel of salvation; Regent of the Sun; Overseer of Tartarus.
Yefefiah or
Angel of the Torah; Instructed Moses in the Mysteries of the Cabala.
Zagzagel Angel of Wisdom; Chief Guard of the 4th Heaven; Angel of the Burning Bush.


Angels Ruling The 28 Mansions Of The Moon
List 1 : List 2 :
  1. Abdizuel
  2. Abrinael
  3. Adriel
  4. Amnediel
  5. Amnixiel
  6. Amutiel
  7. Anixiel
  8. Ardifiel
  9. Atheniel
  10. Athiel
  11. Azariel
  12. Azeruel
  13. Aziel
  14. Barbiel
  15. Bethnael
  16. Dirachiel
  17. Egibiel
  18. Enediel
  19. Ergediel
  20. Gabriel
  21. Geliel
  22. Geniel
  23. Jazeriel
  24. Kyriel
  25. Neciel
  26. Requiel
  27. Scheliel
  28. Tagriel
  1. Abdizuel
  2. Abrinael
  3. Amnediel
  4. Amnixiel
  5. Amutiel
  6. Anixiel
  7. Ardifiel
  8. Atheniel
  9. Athiel
  10. Azeruel
  11. Aziel
  12. Barbiel
  13. Bethnael
  14. Dirachiel
  15. Egibiel
  16. Enediel
  17. Fdriel
  18. Gabriel
  19. Geliel
  20. Geniel
  21. Jazeriel
  22. Kyriel
  23. Neciel
  24. Requiel
  25. Tcheliel
  26. Tagriel
  27. Zachariel
  28. Zadkiel


Amulet Angels from The Book of the Angel Raziel [References mention there being 70 but only list 68 (Gazriel is repeated at 15 from 13)]
  • Ahaniel
  • Ahiel
  • Aniel
  • Azriel
  • Briel
  • Chachmal
  • Chachmiel
  • Chafriel
  • Chaniel
  • Chaskiel
  • Diniel
  • Gabriel
  • Gazriel
  • Gediel
  • Gazriel
  • Griel
  • Kadal
  • Kadmiel
  • Kaniel
  • Karkiel
  • Katchiel
  • Katzhiel
  • Kenunit
  • Kidumiel
  • Lahal
  • Lahariel
  • Machnia
  • Malchiel
  • Malkiel
  • Michael
  • Neria
  • Nuriel
  • Ofiel
  • Oriel
  • Padiel
  • Psisya
  • Rachmiah
  • Rachmiel
  • Rachsiel
  • Ramal
  • Ramiel
  • Ramuel
  • Rigal
  • Raphael
  • Rsassiel
  • Rumiel
  • Samchia
  • Samchiel
  • Schachniel
  • Sensenya
  • Shebniel
  • Sniel
  • Sturi
  • Tahariel
  • Tatrusia
  • Tsirya
  • Tsuria
  • Tzadkiel
  • Tzartak
  • Udrgazyia
  • Udriel
  • Variel
  • Yeruel
  • Yezriel
  • Ygal
  • Yofiel
  • Zechriel
  • Zumiel
  • Zuriel


The 72 Angels Bearing The Mystical Name Of God (Shemhamporae) The names of these spirits were obtained by combining the 72 letters of three verses from the book of Exodus in the Bible (chapter 14 verses 19 20 & 21). The name Shemhamporae is sometimes spelt Shemhamporasch. This word means the Divided Name. The "name" is Tetragrammaton: I.H.V.H. commonly called Jehovah. He is the supreme Lord of the Four Elements which fundamentally are the whole universe. There are three verses in Exodus each containing 72 letters. By writing down the first of these and underneath this the next verse backward and under this again the last verse forwards 72 columns of three letters each are obtained. These are read downwards and the terminations "al" or "ah" according as they are male or female appended. There is also an attribution of these intelligences one to each of the quinaries or segments of five degrees of the Zodiac; but there are also innumerable other Angels Demons Magical Images Lords of Triplicities Lesser Assistant Angels and so on with Demons to correspond. It is well to bear in mind that all Angels whatever their state of grace indeed no matter how christologically corrupt and defiant - are under God even when to all intents and purposes they are performing under the direct orders of the Devil. Evil itself is an instrumentality of the Creator who uses Evil for his own divine if unsearchable ends. Angels perform a multiplicity of duties and tasks. Preeminently they serve God. They also carry out missions from God to Man. But many serve man directly as Guardians Counselors Guides Judges Interpreters Cooks Comforters Match-makers and Grave-diggers.
No. Name Quinary Powers & Attributes
1 Vehuiah 0-5° Helps Receive Enlightenment & Expand Consciousness; Dominates the Sciences; Influences the Shrewd.
2 Jeliel 6-10° Helps Repress unjust Revolts; Aids conjugal Peace; Dominates Kins & Princes; Influences all Generations.
3 Sitael 11-15° Protects against Adversity and Calamity; Dominates Magnanimity & Nobility; Influences Lovers of Truth.
4 Elemiah 16-20° Helps against Spiritual Torment; Reveals Traitors; Dominates Sea voyages; Influences Discoveries.
5 Mahasiah 21-25° Helps All to live in Peace; Dominates occult Magic & Ttheology; Influences Learning.
6 Lelahel 26-30° Serves to acquire "light"; Cures contagious Diseases; Dominates Love & Fame & Fortune;. Influences the Sciences.
7 Achaiah 31-35° Helps discover Natural Secrets; Dominates Patience & Temperance; Influences the spread of Light and Industry.
8 Cahetel 36-40° Serves to obtain blessing and protection against evil spirits. Dominates agricultural produce. Influences the hunt.
9 Aziel 41-45° Helps keep Promises & obtain the Friend-ship of the Great; Dominates Good Faith; Influences Sincerity and Faith.
10 Aladiah 46-50° Helps hide Secrets; Dominates Plague and Rabies; Influences healing.
11 Lauviah 51-55° Protects against Lightning; Serves to obtain Victory; Dominates Fame; Influences the famous Learned.
12 Hahaiah 56-60° Protects against Adversity; Helps those in Need; Dominates Dreams; Influences Wise & Spiritual people
13 Iezalel 61-65° Helps Reconciliation & Conjugal Faithfulness; Dominates Friendship & Affability; Influences Memory & Shrewdness.
14 Mebahel 66-70° Protects against those wishing to Usurp the Fortunes of others; Dominates Justice; Influences & protects Truth.
15 Hariel 71-75° Serves against the Ungodly & Defeatists; Dominates the Sciences & Arts; Influences Discoveries & new Methods.
16 Hakamiah 76-80° Helps against Traitors; Serves for Victory over Enemies; Dominates Arsenal; Influences Frankness.
17 Lauviah 81-85° Helps refreshing Night-time; Helps against Sadness; Dominates the High Sciences; Influences Musicians & Poets.
18 Caliel 86-90° Serves to reveal the Truth; Aids the Triumph of Innocence; Dominates Trials; Influences Witnesses.
19 Leuviah 91-95° Protects & Helps in obtaining Grace; Dominates the Memory; Influences Joviality & Intelligence.
20 Pahaliah 96-100° Helps Conversions; Dominates Theology & Religion; Influences Chastity & Morals.
21 Nelehael 101-105° Protects against Unfavourable Spirits & Slanderers;. Dominates Mathematics & Geometry.
22 Ieialiel 106-110° Protects against Storms & Shipwrecks; Dominates Business Fortunes; Influences Business Trips.
23 Melahell 111-115° Protects against Weapons & Perils of Travel; Dominates Medicinal Herbs & Water.
24 Hahuiah 116-120° Serves to obtain Grace; Dominates the Exiled; Protects against Thieves & Murderers.
25 Nith-haiah 121-125° Serves to obtain Wisdom & Dream Revelations; Dominates the Ooccult Sciences & the Wise.
26 Haaiah 126-130° Protects those Seeking the True Light; Dominates Peace Ttreaties; Influences Ambassadors.
27 Jerathel 131-135° Protects against Unjust Attacks; Confounds one's Enemies; Dominates Civilisation; Influences Peace.
28 Seeiah 146-140° Protects against Fire & Ruin & Collapse; Dominates Health & Longevity; Influences Prudence.
29 Reiiel 141-145° Helps & Protects against Enemies both Visible and Invisible; Dominates Mystic Feelings & Sacred Philosophy.
30 Omael 146-150° Helps against Desperation & Trouble; Strengthens Patience; Dominates the Generation of Men and Animals.
31 Lecabel 151-155° Casts Light on one's Job; Dominates Vegetation; Influences Aastrology.
32 Vasariah 156-160° Helps against False & Unjust Accusations; Dominates Justice & Jjudges; Influences the Word.
33 Iehuiah 161-165° Uncovers Plots & Traitors; Undoes their Plans; Dominates & Influences Just Rulers.
34 Lehahiah 166-170° Maintains Peace & Harmony between Countries; Dominates Faithfulness & Respect & Devotion.
35 Chevakiah 171-175° Recovers the Friendship of Those we have Offended; Dominates Wills; Influences Friendly Distribution.
36 Menadel 176-180° Protects against Slander; Releases Prisoners; Dominates the Return of Exiles.
37 Aniel 181-185° Helps Conquer & to obtain Release from Siege; Dominates the Sciences & Arts; Influences Meditation of the Wise.
38 Haamiah 186-190° Protects against Lightning and Infernal Spirits; Dominates Creeds; Influences & Protects Those who Seek the Truth.
39 Rehael 191-195° Protects from & Cures Disease; Dominates Health & Longevity; Influences Paternal Love.
40 Ieiazel 196-200° Helps Release Prisoners & Releases from Enemies; Dominates the Press & Books; Influences Artists.
41 Hahahel 201-205° Helps against the Ungodly & Slanderers; Dominates Missionaries; Influences Priests & Prelates.
42 Mikael 206-210° Helps & Protects the Safety of Journeys; Dominates the Powerful; Influences Curiosity & Politics.
43 Veuahiah 211-215° Helps Destroy Enemies; Frees from Slavery; Dominates Peace; Influences Prosperity.
44 Ielahiah 216-220° Helps win Lawsuits; Dominates Victory; Influences Courage in Battle.
45 Sealiah 221-215° Helps Confound the Evil & the Proud; Dominates Vegetation; Influences Education.
46 Ariel 226-230° Helps uncover Hidden Treasures; Dominates Night-time Visions; Influences Difficult Solutions.
47 Asaliah 231-235° Helps Those who wish to Raise themselves Spiritually; Dominates Justice; Influences Contemplation.
48 Michael 236-240° Helps preserve Harmony & Union between Spouses; Dominates the Ggenerations; Influences Love.
49 Vehuel 241-245° Helps find Peace against Trouble; Dominates Great Personalities; Influences Humility.
50 Daniel 246-250° Protects & Consoles; Inspires Decisions; Dominates Justice; Influences Judges.
51 Hahasiah 251-255° Helps Those who wish to Know the Occult Mysteries; Dominates Cchemistry; Influences Abstract Sciences.
52 Imamiah 256-260° Destroys Enemies; Protects Prisoners; Dominates Vigour; Influences Research.
53 Nanael 261-265° Obtains Enlightenment; Dominates the Higher Sciences; Influences Teachers & Men of Law.
54 Nitael 266-270° Obtains Mercy & Longevity; Dominates Dynasties & Stability.
55 Mebaiah 271-275° Helps in Consolation & Those who Wish to have Children; Dominates Morals & Religion & Piety.
56 Poiel 276-280° Obtains What is Asked for; Dominates Fame & Success & Ffortune; Influences Moderation.
57 Nemmamiah 281-285° Helps Prosper & release Prisoners; Dominates Generals; Influences Combatants.
58 Leialel 286-290° Helps against Trouble; Heals Eye Diseases; Dominates Iron; Influences Locksmiths & Knife-grinders.
59 Harakel 291-295° Protects against Female Sterility & Rebellious Children; Dominates Treasures & Archives; Influences the Press.
60 Mizrael 296-300° Heals the Ills of the Spirit; Releases from Persecutors; Dominates Men of Virtue; Influences Faithfulness.
61 Umabel 301-305° Obtains the Friendship of a Person; Dominates Astronomy & Physics; Influences the Sensitivity of the Heart.
62 Iah-hel 206-310° Obtains Wisdom & Knowledge; Dominates Philosophers & the Enlightened; Influences Virtue in Solitude.
63 Anianuel 311-315° Protects against Accidents; Maintains Health & Heals; Dominates Ttrade & Businessmen;. Influences Business.
64 Mehiel 316-320° Protects against Rabies & Fierce Animals; Dominates the Learned & Orators & Authors; Influences the Press & Books.
65 Namabiah 321-325° Aids against Sorcery; Obtains Wisdom; Dominates the Waters; Influences Sailors & Fishermen.
66 Manakel 326-330° Protects against & Heals Leprosy & Anger; Dominates Vegetation; Influences Sleep & Dreams.
67 Etaiel 331-335° Helps and Consoles in Adversity; Obtains Wisdom; Dominates Change; Influences the Occult Sciences.
68 Xabuiah 336-340° Helps Maintain Health & Cure Disease; Dominates Fertility & Agriculture & the Earth.
69 Rochel 341-345° Helps Find Lost or Stolen Objects; Dominates Laws & Judges; Influences Fame.
70 Jabamiah 346-350° Protects & Regenerates; Leads to Inner Harmony; Dominates Pphilosophical Knowledge; Influences Nature.
71 Haiel 351-355° Confounds Evil; Grants release from Enemies; Gives Victory; Dominates Weapons & Soldiers. Influences Iron.
72 Mumiah 356-360° Brings every Experience to a Happy Conclusion; Dominates Medicine & Influences Longevity.


Shemhamphorash from Goetia - Book I of The Lemegeton (Lesser Key Of Solomon)
No. Name Rank True Appearance Powers & Attributes (Spirit Legions Commanded)
1 Bael King Cat or Toad or Man. Invisibility. (66)
2 Agares or
Duke Old Man on a Crocodile carrying a Goshawk. Makes people Run; returns Runaways. (31)
3 Vassago Prince Old Man on a Crocodile carrying a Goshawk. Reveals things Past & Future; Discovers the Hidden & Lost. (26)
4 Samigina or
Marquis Horse or Ass. Liberal Sciences; Accounts Dead Souls that Died with Sin. (30)
5 Marbas President Lion. Reveals Truths & Hidden Things; Causes & Cures Diseases; Wisdom in Mechanical Arts; Changes Men to Other Shapes. (36)
6 Valefor Duke Lion with Ass's head. Tempts people to Steal. (10)
7 Amon Marquis Wolf with Serpent's tail vomiting Fire or Man with Raven's Head (& sometimes Dog's Teeth). Reveals things Past & Future; Creates & Solves Feuds. (40)
8 Barbatos Duke Accompanied by 4 Kings & their Troops. Teaches the Language of Birds & Other Creatures; Reveals the Hidden Treasures of Magicians; Knows things Past & Future; Reconciles Friends with Those in Power. (30)
9 Piamon
(attended by
Labal & Abali)
King Crowned Man upon a Camel. Teaches Art & Science & Secret Things. (25)
10 Buer President Saggitarius. Teaches Philosophy & Logic; Heals Distempers. (50)
11 Gusion Duke Xenophilus. Reveals things Past & Present & Future; Reconciles Friends; Gives Honour & Dignity. (40)
12 Sitri Prince Leopard's head & Gryphon's wings. Inflames people with Love; Causes them to go Naked. (60)
13 Beleth or
Bileth or
King Rides a Pale Horse attended by Trumpets. Causes Love. (85)
14 Leraje or
Leraikha or
Marquis Archer clad in Green. Causes Wars & Battles; Putrifies Wounds made by Arrows. (30)
15 Eligos Duke Knight carrying a Lance Ensign & Serpent. Knows things Future; Knows Wars & how Soldiers will Meet; Causes the Love of Lords & Great People. (60)
16 Zepar Duke Soldier clad in Red with Armour. Causes Women to Love Men. (26)
17 Botis President & Earl Viper or Man with Great Teeth & Horns carrying a Sword. Reveals things Past & Future; Reconciles Friends & Foes. (60)
18 Bathin Duke Strong Man with Serpent's Tail sitting upon a Pale Horse. Gives Knowledge of Herbs & Stones; Transports People suddenly from one Country to another. (30)
19 Sallos or
Duke Soldier wearing a Crown riding a Crocodile. Causes Men and Women to Love one another. (30)
20 Purson King Man with Lion's face carrying a Viper riding a Bear. Knows things Hidden; Discovers Treasure; Reveals the Past Present & Future. (22)
21 Marax Earl & President Bull with Man's face. Teaches Astronomy & Liberal Sciences; Herbs & Stones. (30)
22 Ipos Earl & Prince Angel with Lion's head Goose's foot & Hare's tail. Knows things Past Present & Future; Makes Men Witty & Bold. (36)
23 Aim Duke Handsome Man with 3 Heads (Serpent Man with 2 stars on Forehead & Calf) riding a Viper carrying a Firebrand. Makes people Witty & answers Private matters Truly. (26)
24 Naberius Marquis Black Crane. Makes Men cunning in Arts & Sciences particularly Rhetoric; Restores lost Dignity & Honour. (19)
25 Glasya-Labolas President & Earl Dog with Gryphon's wings. Teaches Art & Science instantly; Author of Bloodshed & Manslaughter; Teaches things Past & Future; Causes Love of Friend & Foe; Makes a Man Invisible. (36)
26 Bune or
Bime or
Duke Dragon with 3 Heads (Dog Gryphon & Man). Changes the Place of the Dead; Causes Spirits to gather on Sepulchres; Gives Riches & Wisdom & Eloquence to Man; Answers Demands Truly. (30)
27 Ronove Marquis & Earl Monster. Teaches Rhetoric; Provides good Servants & Knowledge of Tougues & Favours with Friends or Foes. (19)
28 Berith or
Beale or Beal or
Bofry or Bolfry
Duke Soldier wearing Red riding a Red Horse wearing a Gold Crown. Reveals things Past & Present & Future; Transmutes all metals to Gold. (26)
29 Astaroth Duke Angel riding a Dragon-like beast carrying a Viper in his Right Hand with foul breath. Reveals things Past & Present & Future; Discovers all Secrets; Reveals why Angels are Fallen; Gives Knowledge of Liberal Sciences. (40)
30 Forneus Marquis Great Sea-Monster. Teaches Rhetoric; Causes Men to Have Good Name; Teaches the Understanding of Tongues. (29)
31 Foras President Strong Man. Gives Knowledge of Herbs & Stones; Teaches Logic & Ethics; Makes Men Invisible & Long-lived & Eloquent. (29)
32 Asmoday or
King Man with 3 Heads (Bull Man & Ram) with a Serpent's tail & Goose's feet breathing Fire sitting upon a Dragon carrying a Lance. Gives the Ring of Virtue; Teaches Arithmetic & Astronomy & Geometry & Handicrafts; Answers Demands Truly; Makes a Man Invincible; Reveals & Guards the Places of Treasure. (72)
33 Gaap President & Prince Man leading 4 Mighty Kings as if a Guide. Makes Men Insensible or Ignorant; Teaches Philosophy & Liberal Sciences; Causes Love & Hatred; Delivers Familiars from other Magicians; Reveals things Past & Present & Future; Carrys Men speedily between Kingdoms. (66)
34 Furfur Earl Hart with Fiery tail. Urges Love between Men & Women; Causes Lightning & Thunder & Blasts & Storms; Answers things Secret & Divine. (26)
35 Marchosias Marquis Wolf (or possibly an Ox) with Gryphon's wings & Serpent's tail breathing Fire. (30)
36 Stolas or
Prince Raven. Teaches Astronomy; Gives Knowledge of Herbs & Stones. (26)
37 Phenex or
Marquis Phoenix with Child's voice. Speaks marvellously of Sciences; Good & Excellent Poet. (20)
38 Halphas or
Malthus or
Malthous or
Earl Stock-Dove. Builds Towers; Furnishes them with Munitions & Weapons; Sends Warriors to their Appointed Place. (26)
39 Malphas President Crow. Builds Houses & High Towers; Imparts knowledge of Enemy's Desires & Thoughts. (40)
40 Raum Earl Crow. Steals treasures from King's Houses; Destroys Cities & Dignitaries of Men; Reveals things Past & Present & Future; Causes Love between Friends & Foes. (30)
41 Focalor or
Forcalor or
Duke Man with Gryphon's wings. Slays & Drowns Men; Overthrows Ships of War (30)
42 Vepar or
Duke Mermaid. Governs Waters; Guides Ships laden with Arms & Armour & Munitions; Causes Storms at Sea & Imaginary Fleets; Kills Men by Putrefying Wounds & Sores & Infestations. (29)
43 Sabnock or
Marquis Armed Soldier with Lion's Head riding a Pale Horse. Builds High Towers & Castles & Cities; Furnoshes them with Armour; Afflicts Men with Wounds & Sores and Infestations. (50)
44 Shan or
Shax or
Shaz or
Marquis Stock-Dove. Removes Sight or Hearing or Understanding; Fetches Horses; Discovers Hidden Things not kept by Wicked Spirits. (30)
45 Vine or
King Lion (or Man with Lion's Head) riding a Black Horse carrying a Viper. Discovers things Hidden & Wizards & Witches and things Past & Present & Future; Builds Towers; Overthrows Walls; Causes Storms at Sea. (36)
46 Bifrons or
Bifrous or
Earl Monster. Knowledge of Astrology & Geometry & Arts & Sciences; Teaches the Virtues of Stones & Wood; Changes Dead Bodies & lights Candles upon their Graves. (6)
47 Uvall or
Vual or
Duke Dromedary speaking imperfect Egyptian (or Coptic). Procures the Love of Women; Reveals things Past & Present & Future; Procures Friendship between Friends & Foes. (37)
48 Haagenti President Bull with Gryphon's wings. Makes Men Wise; Transmutes all metals to Gold; Changes Wine to Water and back again. (33)
49 Crocell or
Duke Angel. Teaches Geometry & liberal Sciences; Warms Waters & Recovers Baths. (48)
50 Furcas Knight Cruel Old Man with long Beard & hoary Head riding a Pale Horse carrying a Sharp Weapon. Teaches Philosophy & Astrology & Rhetoric & Logic & Cheiromancy (Divination from Palms) & Pyromancy (Divination from Fire). (20)
51 Balam or
King Man with 3 Heads (Bull Man & Ram) with Serpent's Tail & Flaming Eyes Riding a Bear carrying a Goshawk. Reveals things Past & Present & Future; Makes Men Invisible & Witty. (40)
52 Alloces or
Duke Soldier riding a Horse with a Red Face & Flaming Eyes. Teaches Astronomy & Liberal Sciences.
53 Camio or
President Thrush. Teaches the language of Birds & Animals; Reveals things Future. (30)
54 Murmur or
Murmus or
Duke Warrior riding a Gryphon wearing a Crown. Teaches Philosophy; Constrains Deceased Souls to answer Questions. (30)
55 Orobas Prince Horse. Discovers things Past & Present & Future; Gives Dignities & Prelacies (Office of Prelate) & Favours of Friends & Foes. (20)
56 Gremory or
Duke Beautiful Woman riding a Camel with a Duchess's Crown around her waist. Reveals things Past & Present & Future & Hidden Treasures; Procures the Love of Women. (26)
57 Ose or
Oso or
President Leopard. Makes Cunning in Liberal Sciences; Reveals things Divine & Secret; Changes a Man into any other Thing even to his Thoughts. (30)
58 Amy or
President Fire. Teaches Astrology & Liberal Sciences. (36)
59 Oriax or
Marquis Lion with Serpent's Tail riding a Horse holding 2 Serpents in his Right Hand. Teaches the Virtues of Stars & Mansions & Virtues of Planets; Gives Dignities & Prelacies (Office of Prelate) & Favours of Friends & Foes. (30)
60 Vapula or
Duke Lion with Gryphon's wings. Teaches Handcrafts & Professions & Philosophy & other Sciences. (36)
61 Zagan King & President Bull with Gryphon's wings. Makes Men Witty; Changes Wine to Water and back again and Blood into Wine; Transmutes all metals into coins; Makes Fools Wise. (33)
62 Volac or
Valak or
Valu or
President Child with Angel's wings riding a 2-Headed Dragon. Reveals Hidden Treasures & Locations of Serpents. (38)
63 Andras Marquis Angel with Raven's Head riding a Black Wolf carrying a Bright & Sharp Sword. Sows Discords. (30)
64 Haures or
Hauras or
Havres or
Duke Leopard. Reveals the Creation & Divinity & How Spirits Fell; Destroys Enemies. (36)
65 Andrealphus Marquis Noisy Peacock. Teaches Geometry & Mensuration (Measurement) & Astronomy; Transforms a Man into a Bird. (20)
66 Cimejes or
Cimeies or
Marquis Warrior riding a Black Horse. Teaches Grammar & Logic & Rhetoric; Discovers things & Treasures Lost or Hidden. (20)
67 Amdusias or
Duke Unicorn. Causes Musical Instruments to be Heard & Trees to Bend. (29)
68 Belial King 2 Angels in a Fiery Chariot. Distributes Presentations & Senatorships; Causes Favours of Friends & Foes. (50)
69 Decarabia [not given] Star in a Pentacle. Discovers the Virtues of Birds & Stones; Creates Illusions of Birds. (30)
70 Seare or
Sear or
Prince Beautiful Man riding a Winged Horse. Comes & Goes; Carrys Things to & fro; Reveals Thefts & Hidden Treasures. (26)
71 Dantalion Duke Man with many Faces (both Men's and Women's) carrying a Book in his Right Hand. Teaches Arts & Sciences; Declares Secret Counsels; Changes the Thoughts of Men & Women; Causes Love; Creates the Illusion of any Person & Place. (36)
72 Andromalius Earl Man holding Great Serpent. Returns Thieves & Stolen Goods; Discovers Wickedness & Underhand Dealings; Punishes Thieves & Wicked People; Discovers Hidden Treasures. (36)


Pseudomonarchia Dæmonum from Præstigiis Dæmonum by Johann Weyer
No. Name Rank Appearance Powers & Attributes (Devil Legions Commanded where a legion is 6 6 6 6)
1 Baell or
Baëll or
King Man with 3 Heads (Toad Man & Cat). Makes Men Invisible & Wise. (66)
2 Agares Duke Fair Old Man riding a Crocodile carrying a Hawk. Teaches Languages; Returns Runaways & makes still People run; Overthrows Dignities; Makes Earthquakes. (31)
3 Marbas or
President Lion. Reveals Hidden Things; Brings & Cures Diseases; Promotes Wisdom & Knowledge of Mechnical Arts; Changes Men to Other Shapes. (36)
4 Pruflas or
Prince & Duke Flame outside Tower of Babylon with Raven's Head. Author & Promoter of Discord & War & Quarrels & Falsehood. (26)
5 Amon or
Marquis Wolf with Serpent's tail breathing Fire or Man with Dog's Teeth & Raven's Head. Understands Things Past & Future; Procures Favours; Reconciles Friends & Foes. (40)
6 Barbatos Count or
Appears with 4 Kings & many Troops. Understands the Languages of Animals; Finds Hidden Treasures; Knows the Past & Future; Reconciles Friends & Powers. (30)
7 Buer President [not given] Teaches Moral & Natural Philosophy & Logic & Herbs; Heals Diseases. (50)
8 Gusoin or
Duke Xenophilus Answers all Questions of Present & Past & Future; Reconciles Friends; Distributes Honours & Dignities. (45)
9 Botis or
President Viper or Man with Great Teeth & two Horns carrying a Sword. Answers all Questions of Present & Past & Future; Reconciles Friends & Foes. (60)
10 Bathin or
Bathym or
Mathim or
Duke Strong Man with Serpent's Tail riding a Pale Horse. Understands Herbs & Precious Stones; Transports Men from one Country to Another. (30)
11 Purson or
Pursan or
King Man with Lion's Face carrying a Viper riding a Bear heralded by Trumpets. Knows Things Hidden & Present & Past & Future; Assumes a Human or Aerial body; Answers truly Things Earthly & Secret. (22)
12 Eligor or
Duke Handsome Knight carrying a Lance & Ensign & Sceptre. Answers of Hidden Things & Wars & Soldiers meeting; Knows Things to come; Procures FAvours of Lords & Knights. (60)
13 Leraie or
Loray or
Marquis Handsome Archer carrying Bow & Quiver. Authors battles; Putrifies Wounds caused by Arrows. (30)
14 Valefar or
Malephar or
Duke Lion with Barking Head. Befriends People before Leading them to the Gallows. (10)
15 Morax or
Earl & President Bull. Makes Men cunning in Astronomy & Liberal Sciences; Knows Herbs & Precious Stones. (36)
16 Ipos or
Ipes or
Ayporos or
Earl & Prince Angel with Lion's head & Goose's feet & Hare's tail. Knows the Future & Past; Makes Men Witty & Bold. (36)
17 Naberius or
Naberus or
Marquis Crow with Hoarse Voice. Make Men Amiable & Cunning in Arts especially Rhetoric; Procures the Loss of Prelacies & Dignities. (19)
18 Glasya Labolas or
Caacrinolaas or
President Dog with Gryphon's Wings. Knows Arts; Understands the Present & Future; Gains the Mind & Love of Friends & foes; Makes Men Invisible. (36)
19 Zepar Duke Soldier. Makes Women love Men & Changes their Shape & Makes them Barren. (26)
20 Bileth or
King Rides a Horse accompanied by Music. [not given] (85)
21 Sitri or
Sytry or
Prince Man with Leopard's Face & Gryphon's Wings. Makes Men love Women & Women love Men; Discloses Women's Secrets & Mocks them to make them Naked. (60)
22 Paimon
accompanied by
Beball & Abalam
King Effeminate Man riding a Camel wearing a Crown preceded by Men with Trumpets & Cymbals. Teaches the Disposition of the Earth & Water & Wind; Gives Dignities & Confirmations. (200)
23 Bune Duke Dragon with 3 Heads (? ? & Man) Moves the Dead & Gathers Devils upon Sepulchres; Makes Men Eloquent & Wise. (30)
24 Forneus Marquis Sea-monster. Gives Men Rhetoric & Knowledge of Languages; Makes Men Loved by Friends & Foes. (29)
25 Ronove or
Marquis Monster. Gives Men Rhetoric & Faithful Servants & Knowledge of Languages; Procues Favours of Friends & Foes. (19)
26 Berith or
Beall or
Berithi or
Bolfry or
Duke Soldier in Red wearing a Red Crown riding a Red Horse. Reveals Things Present & Past & Future; Lies; Changes Metals to Gold. (26)
27 Astaroth Duke Foul Angel with Stinking Breath riding a Dragon carrying a Viper. Reveals Things Present & Past & Future; Speaks of Fallen Angels; Gives Knowledge of Liberal Sciences. (40)
28 Foras or
Forras or
President Strong Man. Knows Herbs & Precious Stones; Teaches Logic & Ethics; Makes Men Invisible & Witty & Eloquent & Long-lived; Recovers Lost Things; Reveals Treasures. (29)
29 Furfur Earl Hart with Fiery Tail. Lies; Raises Thunder-storms. (26)
30 Marchosias or
Marquis Female Wolf with Gryphon's Wings & Serpent's Tail spitting (urine / faeces?). Fights well; Answers Questions Truly. (30)
31 Malphas President Crow. Builds Houses & High Towers; Brings Artificers Together; Destroys Emeny's Buildings. (40)
32 Vepar or
Duke Mermaid. Guides Ships laden with Armour; Creates Storms at Sea & the Illusion of many Ships; Kills Men by Putrifaction & Maggots. (29)
33 Sabnacke or
Sabnac or
Marquis Armed Soldier with Lion's Head riding a Pale Horse. Builds Towers full of Weapons & Castles & Cities; Gives Men rotten Wounds for a Month. (50)
34 Sidonayor or
Sydonay or
King Man with 3 Heads (Man Bull & Ram) belching Fire with Goose's feet riding a Dragon carrying a Lance & Flag. Teaches Geometry & Mathematics & Astronomy & Mechanics; Makes Men Invisible; Reveals Hidden Treasures and Guards them. (72)
35 Gaap or
President & Prince [not given] Teaches Philosophy & Liberal Sciences; Makes Men Love & Hate & Insensible & Invisible; Reveals Things Present & Past & Future. (66)
36 Shax or
Chax or
Duke & Marquis Stork with a Hoarse & Subtle Voice Takes Sight & Hearing & Understanding from Men; Steals King's Gold for 1200 years & Horses. (30)
37 Procell Duke Angel. Teaches Geometry & Liberal Arts; Makes great Noises; Causes Water to Roar & become Warm. (48)
38 Furcas Knight Cruel Man with Long Beard riding a Pale Horse carrying a Spear. Teaches Philosophy & Rhetoric & logic & Astronomy & Chiromancy (Palmistry) & Pyromancy. (20)
39 Murmur Duke & Earl Soldier riding a Gryphon (or Vulture). Teaches Philosophy. (30)
40 Caim or
President Thrush. Teaches the Language of Animals and Waters. (30)
41 Raum or
Earl Crow. Steals King's Possessions; Knows Things Present & Past & Future; Reconciles Friends & Foes. (30)
42 Halphas Earl Stork with a Hoarse Voice. Builds Towns of Munitions & Weapons; Sends Soldiers to their Wars. (26)
43 Focalor Duke Man with Gryphon's Wings. Kills & Drowns Men; Sinks Warships; Commands Winds & Waves. (3)
44 Vine King & Earl Lion riding a Black Horse carrying a Viper. Destroys Stone Walls; Makes Waters Rough; Reveals Hidden Things & Witches & Things Present & Past & Future. ([not given])
45 Bifrons [not given] Monster. Teaches Astrology & Geometry & Measurements; Knows Herbs & Precious Stones & Woods; Moves Corpses; Lights Candles upon Sepulchres. (26)
46 Gamigin or
Marquis Small Horse. Teaches Liberal Sciences; Gives Aerial Bodies to those Drowned or in Purgatory. (30)
47 Zagan or
King & President Bull with Gryphon's Wings. Makes Men Witty; Turns Metal into Coins & Water into Wine & Blood into Wine & WIne into Blood & a Fool into a Wise Man. (33)
48 Orias Marquis Lion riding a Horse with a Serpent's Tail. Teaches Astrology; Gives Dignities & Prelacies & Confirmations & Favour of Friends & Foes. (30)
49 Valac or
President Man with Angel's wings riding a 2-Headed Dragon. Reveals Hidden Treasure & Serpents. (30)
50 Gomory Duke Fair Woman riding a Camel. Reveals Things Present & Past & Future & Hidden Treasure; Procures the Love of Women. (26)
51 Decarabia or
[not given] [not given] Knows Herbs & Precious Stones; Commands Birds. (30)
52 Amduscias Duke Unicorn. Causes Music to be Heard but not their Instruments Seen & Trees to Bend. (29)
53 Andras Marquis Angel with Raven's Head riding a Black Wolf carrying a Sword. Killer; Author of Discords. (30)
54 Andrealphus or
Marquis Peacock. Teaches Geometry & Measurement & Astronomy; Makes Men Subtle Disputers; Transforms Men into Birds. (30)
55 Ose or
President Leopard. Teaches Liberal Sciences; Transforms Men's Shapes; Makes Men Sane or Insane. ([not given])
56 Aym or
Haborim or
Duke Man with 3 Heads (Serpent Man with 2 ? & Cat) riding a Viper carrying a Brand. Sets Fire to Castles & Cities. (26)
57 Orobas Prince Horse. Speaks of Divine Virtue; Knows Things Present & Past & Future & of Divinity & Creation; Gives Dignities & Prelacies; Favours Friends & Foes. (20)
58 Vapula Duke Lion with Gryphon's Wings. Teaches Mechanics & Philosophy & Sciences. (36)
59 Cimeries Marquis Man (?) riding a Black Horse Rules parts of Africa; Teaches Grammar & Logic & Rhetoric; Discovers Hidden Things; Makes Men appear to be Soldiers. (20)
60 Amy President Flame. Teaches Astrology & Liberal Sciences. (36)
61 Flauros Duke Leopard. Reveals Things Present & Past & Future; Lies; Speaks of Divinity & Creation & the Fall. (20)
62 Balam King Man with 3 Heads (Bull Ram & Man) and Serpent's Tail riding a Bear carrying a Hawk. Reveals Things Present & Past & Future; Makes Men Invisible & Wise. (40)
63 Allocer or
Duke Soldier with Lion's Face riding a Horse. Teaches Astronomy & Liberal Sciences. (36)
64 Saleos or
Earl Handsome Soldier riding a Crocodile. [not given] ([not given])
65 Vuall or
Duke Camel Procures the Love of Women & Friends & Foes; Reveals Things Present & Past & Future. (37)
66 Haagenti President Bull with Gryphon's Wings. Makes Men Wise; Changes Metals into Gold & Water into Winde & Wine into Water. (33)
67 Phoenix Marquis Phoenix. Reveals Sciences; Excellent Poet. (20)
68 Stolas Prince Raven. Teaches Astronomy; Knows Herbs & Precious Stones. (26)


The Sacred Magic Of Abramelin The Mage
Title Name : List 1 Name : List 2
Princes & Superior Spirits Lucifer Leviathan SatanBelial Lucifer Leviathan SatanBelial
Sub Princes Astarot Magot Asmodee Belzebud Oriens Paimon Ariton Amaimon Astaroth Magoth Asmodi Beelzebub Oriens Paymon Arito Amaymon
Spirits Common To Oriens & Paimon & Ariton & Amaimon Hosen Saraph Proxosos Habhi Acuar Tirana Alluph Nercamay Nilen Morel Traci Enaia Mulach Malutens Iparkas Nuditon Melna Melhaer Ruach Apolhun Schabuach Mermo Melamud Poter Sched Ekdulon Mantiens Obedama Sachiel Moschel Pereuch Deccal Asperim Katini Torfora Badad Coelen Chuschi Tasma Pachid Parek Rachiar Nogar Adon Trapis Nagid Ethanim Patid Pareht Emphastison Paraseh Gerevil Elmis Asmiel Irminon Asturel Nuthon Lomiol Imink Plirok Tagnon Parmatus Iaresin Gorilon Lirion Plegit Ogilen Tarados Losimon Ragaras Igilon Gosegas Astrega Parusur Igis Aherom Igarak Geloma Kilik Remoron Ekalike Isekel Elzegan Ipakol Haril Kadolon Iogion Zaragil Irroron Ilagas Balalos Oroia Lagasuf Alagas Alpas Soterion Romages Promakos Metafel Darascon Kelen Erenutes Najin Tulot Platien Atloton Afarorp Morilen Ramaratz Nogen Molin Moreh Saraph Proxonos Nabhi Kosem Peresch Thirama Alluph Neschamah Milon Frasis Chaya Malach Malabed Yparchos Nudeton Mebhaer Bruach Apollyon Schaluah Myrmo Melamod Pother Sched Eckdulon Manties Obedamah Jachiel Iuar Moschel Pechach Hasperim Katsin Phosphora Badad Cohen Cuschi Fasma Pakid Helel Marah Raschear Nogah Adon Erimites Trapis Nagid Ethanim Patid Nasi Parelit Emfatison Parasch Girmil Tolet Helmis Asmiel Irminon Asturel Flabison Nascelon Lomiol Ysmiriek Pliroky Afloton Hagrion Permases Sarasim Gorilon Afolop Liriel Alogil Ogologon Laralos Morilon Losimon Ragaras Igilon Gesegas Ugesor Asorega Parusur Sigis Aherom Ramoras Igarag Geloma Kilik Romoron Negen Ekalak Ilekel Elzegar Ipakol Nolom Holop Aril Kokolon Osogyon Ibulon Haragil Izozon Isagas Balabos Nagar Oroya Lagasaf Alpas Soterion Amillis Romages Promachos Metoseph Paraschon
Spirits Common To Astarot & Asmodee Amaniel Orinel Timira Dramas Amalin Kirik Bubana Buk Raner Semlin Ambolin Abutes Exteron Laboux Corcaron Ethan Taret Dablat Buriul Oman Carasch Dimurgos Roggiol Loriol Isigi Tioron Darokin Horanar Abahin Goleg Guagamon Laginx Etaliz Agei Lemel Udaman Bialot Gagalos Ragalim Finaxos Akanef Omages Agrax Sagares Afray Ugales Hermiala Haligax Gugonix Opilm Daguler Pachei Nimalon Amamil Orinel Tinira Dramas Anamalon Kirik Bubanabub Ranar Namalon Ampholion Abusis Exenteron Taborix Corcavion Oholem Tareto Tabbat Buriub Oman Carasch Dimurgos Kogiel Pemfodram Liriol Igigi Dosom Darochim Horamar Ahabhon Yragamon Lagiros Eralyz Golog Leniel Hageyr Udaman Bialod Galagos Bagalon Tinakos Akanef Omagos Argax Afray Sagares Ugalis Ermihala Hahyax Gagonix Opilon Dagulez Pachahy Nimalon
Spirits Common To Amaimon & Ariton Hauges Agibol Rigolen Grasemin Elafon Trisaga Gagalin Cleraca Elaton Pafesla Harog Agebol Rigolen Irasomin Elafon Trisacha Gagolchon Klorecha Yritron Pafesla
Spirits Common To Asmodee & Magot Toun Magog Diopos Disolel Biriel Sifon Kele Magiros Sartabakim Lundo Sobe Inokos Mabakiel Apot Opun Magog Sochen Diopos Lamargos Disolel Siphon Kelef Magyros Mebaschel Sartabakim Sobhe Inokos Biriel
Spirits Of Astarot Aman Camal Toxai Kataron Rax Gonogin Schelagon Ginar Isiamon Bahal Darek Ischigas Golen Gromenis Rigios Nimerix Herg Argilon Okiri Fagani Hipolos Ileson Camonix Bafamal Alan Apormenos Ombalat Quartas Ugirpen Araex Lepaca Kolofe Aman Camal Texai Kataron Rax Schelegon Giriar Asianon Bahal Barak Golog Iromenis Kigios Nimirix Hirih Okirgi Faguni Hipolepos Iloson Camonix Alafy Apormanos Ombalafa Garsas Ugirpon Gomogin Argilon Earaoe Lepacha Kalotes Ychigas Bafamal
Spirits Common To Magot & Kore Nacheran Katolin Luesaf Masaub Urigo Faturab Fersebus Baruel Ubarin Butarab Ischiron Odax Roler Arotor Hemis Arpiron Arrabin Supipas Forteson Dulid Sorriolenen Megalak Anagotos Sikastin Petunof Mantan Meklboc Tigrafon Tagora Debam Tiraim Irix Madail Abagiron Pandoli Nenisem Cobel Sobel Laboneton Arioth Marag Kamusil Kaitar Scharak Maisadul Agilas Kolam Kiligil Corodon Hepogon Daglas Hagion Egakireh Paramor Olisermon Rimog Horminos Hagog Mimosa Amchison Ilarax Makalos Locater Colvam Batternis Nacheran Natolico Mesaf Masadul Sapipas Faturab Fernebus Baruel Ubarin Urgido Ysquiron Odax Rotor Arator Butharuth Harpinon Arrabim Kore Forteson Serupulon Megalleh Anagnostos Sikastir Mechebber Tigraphon Matatam Tagora Petanop Dulid Somis Lotaym Hyrys Madail Debam Obagiron Nesisen Lobel Arioth Pandoli Laboneton Kamusel Cayfar Nearach Masadul Marag Kolan Kiligil Corocon Hipogon Agilas Nagan Egachir Parachmon Olosirmon Daglus Ormonas Hagoch Mimosa Aracuson Rimog Ilarak Mokaschef Kobhan Batirmiss Lachatyl
Spirits Of Asmodee Onei Ormion Preches Maggid Sclavak Mebbesser Bacaron Holba Hifarion Gilarion Eniuri Abadir Sbarionat Utifa Omet Sarra Iemuri Mebhasser Bacaron Hyla Enei Maggid Abhadir Presfees Ormion Schaluach Gillamon Ybarion
Spirits Of Belzebud Alcanor Amatia Bilifares Lamarion Diralisen Licanen Dimirag Elponen Ergamen Gotifan Nimorup Carelena Lamalon Igurim Akium Dorak Tachan Ikonok Kemal Bilico Tromes Balfori Arolen Lirochi Nominon Iamai Arogor Holastri Hacamuli Samalo Plison Raderaf Borol SorosmaCorilon Gramon Magalast Zagalo Pellipis Natalis Namiros Adirael Kabada Kipokis Orgosil Arcon Ambolon Lamolon Bilifor Altanor Armasia Belifares Camarion Corilon Diralisin Eralicarison Elpinon Garinirag Sipillipis Ergonion Iotifar Mynymarup Karelesa Natalis Camalon Igarim Akahim Golog Namiros Haraoth Tedeam Ikon Kemal Adisak Bilek Iromas Baalsori Arolen Kobada Liroki Nominon Iamai Arogor Ipokys Olaßky Hayamen Samalo Aloson Ergosil Borob Ugobog Haokub Amolom Bilifot Granon Pagalust Xirmys Lemalon Radarap
Spirits Of Oriens Sarisel Gasarons Sorosma Turitel Balaken Gagison Mafalac Agab Gazaron Sarisel Sorosma Turitel Balachem Gagison Mafalac Zagal
Spirits Of Paimon Aglafos Agafali Dison Achaniel Sudoron Kabersa Ebaron Zalanes Ugola Came Roffles Menolik Tacaros Astolit Rukum Ichdison Sumuran Aglafys Hachamel Agasaly Kalgosa Ebaron Zalanes Zugola Carah Kafles Memnolik Tacaros Astolit Marku
Spirits Of Ariton Anader Ekorok Sibolas Saris Sekabin Caromos Rosaran Sapason Notiser Flaxon Harombrub Megalosin Miliom Ilemlis Galak Androcos Maranton Caron Reginon Elerion Sermeot Irmenos Anadir Ekorok Rosaran Nagani Ligilos Secabim Calamosi Sibolas Forfaron Andrachos Notiser Filaxon Harosul Saris Elonim Nilion Ilemlis Calach Sarason Semeot Maranton Caron Regerion Megalogim Irmenos Elamyr
Spirits Of Amaimon Romeroc Ramison Scrilis Buriol Taralim Burasen Akesoli Erekia Illirikim Labisi Akoros Mames Glesi Vision Effrigis Apelki Dalep Dresop Hergotis Nilima Ramiuson Sirgilis Bariol Tarahim Bumahan Akefeli Erkaya Bemerot Kilikimil Abisi Akorok Maraos Glysy Quision Efrigis


The Angel Wardens Of The 7 Celestial Halls (Hechaloth / Hekhaloth)
Hall Name
1 Suria Tutrechial Tutrusiai Zortek Mufgar Ashrulya Sabriel Zahabrieli Tandal Shokad Huzia Deheboryn Adririon Khabiel (Head Supervisor) Tashriel Nahuriel Jekusiel Tufiel Dahariel Maskiel Shoel Sheviel
2 Tagriel (Chief) Maspiel Sahriel Arfiel Shahariel Sakriel Ragiel Sehibiel
3 Sheburiel (Chief) Retsutsiel Shalmial Savlial Harhazial Hadrial Bezrial
4 Pachdial (Chief) Gvurtial Kzuial Shchinial Shtukial Arvial or Avial Kfial Anfial
5 Techial Uzial Gmial Gamrial Sefrial Garfial Grial Drial Paltrial
6 Rumial Katmial Gehegial Arsabrsbial Egrumial Parzial Machkial or Mrgial or Mrgiviel Tufrial
7 Zeburial Tutrbebial


Olympick Spirits from Arbatel Of Magick
Name Planet Powers & Attributes Commands (a legion is 490)
Arathon Saturn Converts Anything to Stone; Converts Treasures into Coles [Soup or Money] & back again; Teaches Alchemy & Magic & Physics; Reconciles Subterranean Spirits to Man; Makes Men Hairy; Makes Men Invisible; Makes the Barren Fruitful; Gives Long Life 49 Kings
42 Princes
35 Presidents
28 Dukes
21 Ministers
14 Familiars
7 Messengers
36000 Legions of Spirits
Bethor Jupiter Opens Treasures; Reconciles the Air Spirits; Transports Precious Stones; Makes miraculous Medicines; Prolongs Life to 700 years 42 Kings
35 Princes
28 Dukes
21 Counsellors
14 Ministers
7 Messengers
29000 Legions of Spirits
Phaleg Mars Gives Honours in War-like affaires  
Och Sun Prolongs Life to 600 years with Perfect Health; Gives Great Wisdom; Teaches Medicine; Converts all Things into Gold 36536 Legions of Spirits
Hagith Venus Makes People Fair & Beautiful; Converts Copper into Gold & back again 4000 Legions of Spirits
Ophiel Mercury Teaches all Arts & the ability to convert Quicksilver (Mercury) into the Philosopher's Stone 100000 Legions of Spirits
Phul Moon Changes all Metals into Silver; Prolongs Life to 300 years; Heals Dropsy  


Angelic Scripts from The Greater Key Of Solomon - Clavicula Salomonis
Angelic Scripts


Islamic Angels
Name Christian Equivalent Rank Attribute Appearance
[hamalat al-'arsh]   Throne-bearers Carry God's Chair There are 4 Bearers : Man & Bull & Eagle & Lion
[karubiyun] Cherubim Cherubim Praise God  
Jibril or
Gabriel Archangel Bearer of Revelation 600 Wings stretching from East to West; Sitting on a Chair between Earth & Heaven
Mikal or
Michael Archangel Providence Wings of Emerald-Green
Azrail or
Izrael or
  Archangel Death 4000 Wings; Body formed from as many Eyes & Tongues as there are People
Israfil Raphael Archangel Blows the Trumpet of Doom at the Last Judgement Hairy Body covered with Mouths and Tongues; 4 Wings : 1 protects his Body 1 shields him from God while the others extend from East to West
[hafazah or
  Guardian Angels    
Ridwan     Guards Paradise  
Malik     Guards Hell  
Keraman & Katebin     Records Honest & Dishonest deeds  
Munkar & Nakir     Questions the Dead  
Ash-Shaytan or
As-Shaitan or


Patron Angels from Angels A to Z by Matthew Bunson
Attribute Name
Abortion Kasdaye
Adversity Mastema
Agriculture Rismuch
Air Chasam
Alchemy Och
Anger Af
Annihilation Harbonah
Apocalypse Orifiel
Birds Arael
Chance Barakiel
Chaos Michael or Satan
Comets Aiqiel
Compassion Raphael
Conception Lailah
Dawn Lucifer
Day Shamshiel
Destiny Oriel
Dreams Duma
Dust Saphlatus
Earthquakes Rashiel
Embryo Sandalphon
Fear Yroul
Fertility Samandiriel
Fire Nathanael
Forests Azphlas
Free Will Tabris
Friendship Mihr
Glory Sandalphon
Grace Ananchel
Hail Bardiel
Healing Raphael
Health Mumiel
Hope Phanuel
Hurricanes Zaapiel
Insomnia Michael
Justice Tradkiel
Knowledge Raphael
Light Isaac
Lightning Baraqiel
Love Theliel
Memory Zadkiel
Mountals Rampel
Music Israfel
Night Leliel
Obedience Sraosha
Oblivion Purah
Order Sadriel
Patience Achaiah
Penance Phamuel
Poetry Israfel
Pride Rahab
Progress Raphael
Prostitution Eisheth
Purity Tahariel
Rain Macariel
Repentance Uriel or Michael or Raphael
Revelation Gabriel
Righteousness Michael
Sea Rahab
Silence Shatetiel or Duma
Snow Salgiel or Michael
Stars Kokabiel
Strength Zeruel
Tears Sandalphon or Israfel
Thunder Uriel or Ra'amiel
Treasures Parasiel
Truth Amitiel or Michael or Gabriel
Twilight Aftiel
War Michael or Gavriel
Weakness Amaliel
Whirlwind Zaamiel
Wind Ruhiel
Womb Armisael


Fallen Angels from A Dictionary Of Angels by Gustav Davidson & The Complete Book Of Devils & Demons by Leonard Ashley
  • Adirael
  • Atarculph
  • Azael
  • Azaradel
  • Azibeel
  • Azkeel
  • Azza
  • Badariel
  • Baraqel
  • Batarel
  • Chobaliel
  • Ertrael
  • Exael
  • Ezeqeel
  • Gadreel
  • Gurson
  • Hosampsich
  • Iomuel
  • Jeqon
  • Junier
  • Kasdaye
  • Kasbeel
  • Mammon
  • Moloch
  • Omiel
  • Orus
  • Phenex
  • Regent
  • Rugziel
  • Sameveel
  • Samsapeel
  • Seriel
  • Shaftiel
  • Tamiel
  • Thausael
  • Tiril
  • Xaphon
  • Yomyael
  • Zavebe
  • Armaros
  • Azaradel
  • Batarjal
  • Busasejal
  • Dagon
  • Daniel
  • Flauros
  • Hakael
  • Jetrel
  • Kokabel
  • Mulciber
  • Penemue
  • Rimmon
  • Samsawiel
  • Saraknyal
  • Sariel
  • Shamsiel
  • Simapesiel
  • Tabaet
  • Thammuz
  • Tumael
  • Turael
  • Urakabarameel


The 100 Holy Names of God from Liber Juratus by Honorius of Thebes [There are actually 99, as Saday is repeated at 25 from 9]
Version 1 :
AglA monhon tetragramaton olydeus Ocleiste Amphinethon lamtara Ianemyer Saday Hely
Horlon portenthymon Ihelur Gofgamep emanuel On Admyhel Honzmorp Ioht Hofob
Rasamarathon Anethi erihona Iuestre Saday maloht Sethœ elscha Abbadaia Alpha et omega
leiste Oristyon Ieremon Hosb merkernon elzephares egyryon betha Ombonar Stymulamathon
Orion eryon noymos peb nathanothasy theon ysyston porho Rothon lethellethe
ysmas Adonay Athionadabir Onoytheon Hosga leyndra nosulaceps tutheon Gelemoht paraclitus
Occymomyon erchothas abracio anepheneton Abdon melche Sother usiryon baruch Sporgongo
Genonem messyas pantheon zabuather Rabarmas Yskyros Kyryos Gelon Hel Rethel
nathi Ymeynlethon Karex Sabaoth Sallaht cirhos Opyron nomygon Oryhel theos
ya Horha christus Holbeke tosgac Occymomos elyorem Heloy Archyna rabur
Version 2 :
Agla Monhon Tetragrammaton Olydeus Ocleiste Amphinethon Lamtara Ianemyer Saday Hely
Horlon Portenthymon Ihelur Gofgamep Emmanuel On Admihel Honzmorp Ioht Hofob
Rasamarathon Anethi Erihona Iuestre Saday Maloht Sethoe Elscha Abbadaia Alpha & Omega
Leiste Oristion Ieremon Hosb Merkernon Elzephares Egirion Betha Ombonar Stimulamathon
Orion Erion Noimos Peb Nathanothasy Theon Ysiston Porho Rothon Lethellethe
Ysmas Adonay Athionadabir Onoytheon Hosga Leyndra Nosulaceps Tutheon Gelemoht Paraclitus
Occymomion Erchothas Abracio Anepheneton Abdon Melche Sother Usirion Baruch Sporgongo
Genonem Messias Pantheon Zabuather Rabarmas Iskiros Kyrios Gelon Hel Rethel
Nathi Ymeinlethon Karex Sabaoth Sallaht Cirhos Opiron Nomigon Orihel Theos
Ya Horha Christus Holbeke Tosgac Occimomos Eliorem Heloy Archina Rabur