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Angels & Demons (cftabulated lists including later books & grimoires)

Wherever the KJV shows "Belial", YLT translates it as "'worthlessness" (e.g., "children of Belial" as "sons of worthlessness,") whilst the Tanach calls them "base fellows".

Astrology & Divination

As well as the obvious worship of the sun through the god Chemosh / Shamash, there are numerous references to demonstrate that the ancient peoples were fully aware of the seasonal motions of planets and stars, for as with most cultures they imbued stellar phenomena with personalities and characteristics with which to explain earthly events, though such 'divining' was later banned even though still used as a means of prophesy by their own priests, who also interpreted dreams and visions as happens today. I've tried to keep this section as separate as possible from those above, though there is a very small overlap. Urim & Thummim were dice used for divination.


Attributes Of Yahweh

He Is A Mountain / Volcano ( Mt. Sinai) / Earthquake / Storm / Rain God

He Wants Human Sacrifice

He Is Arrogant & Jealous Of Other Gods (YLT usually translates as zealous.)

He Appears Personally …

… Or Not

He Gets Angry… Very Angry… With A Fierce Anger… Which Is Kindled… And Hot

He Is Comforted By Slaughter

He Doesn't Like People Complaining

He Gets Tired

He Can't Even Do His Own Gardening

He Has A Heavy Voice Just some thunder, or perhaps a minor earth tremour.

He Hasn't A Clue What's Going On

He Has Pagan Failings Iron has always been an awkward if not impossible metal to deal with for the denizens of Faerie, but for it to thwart a supposely omnipotent God is simply ridiculous.

He Really, Really Doesn't Like This Wall …

… Or Pillows & Kerchiefs

He Needs Tithes And Offerings

He Has To Travel Why did he have to 'come down' if he was omnipresent?, and if he was omniscient he would have known what was happening anyway.

He Wants To Stop People Using Their Imagination